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What is the spa manufacturer’s track record and reputation? It is important to get a good feel for the company and its history, and how long they’ll be around in the future?
  1. How long have they been in business?
  2. How many dealers do they have?
  3. Has the manufacturer received any awards of excellence from professional trade organizations?
  4. Has the manufacturer ever had any of their spa models receive a Consumers Digest Best Buy Award?
  5. Is the manufacturer ISO 9001:2000 certified? Are their quality systems in accordance with the highest international standard for design and manufacturing excellence?
How long has the dealer been in business? How long have they carried this line and why did they decide to carry it?
  1. The longer a dealer has been in business and carried that particular brand of spa, the higher your comfort level will be.
  2. Seek out a low pressure, reputable dealer who is willing and prepared to answer all of your buying questions.
  3. Is the dealer a full service facility, able to help should any problems arise?
What is the warranty on the spa?
  1. Ask for a copy of the warranty and read it thoroughly.
  2. What spa parts are covered under warranty and for how long? Make sure the heater, surface/structure, components and skirt are included.
  3. Is labor covered under the warranty? Is the warranty prorated? Will there be a charge for shipping or delivery charges for warranty work?
  4. How does the warranty compare to different brands? Make sure there are no undesirable limitations of exclusions.
  5. Who performs the warranty service on the spa?
What will this spa cost me to operate monthly?
  1. Is there documented information on the estimated cost of operation?
  2. What are the design reasons that make the spa economical to operate?
How was the spa constructed?
  1. The quality of the construction and the materials used will determine not only how long your spa will last, but the actual long term cost to you as well.
  2. Are spa components tested and backed by a manufacturer’s warranty?
  3. Make sure the spa is totally insulated, not just fully-foamed.
  4. Make sure the shell is made from durable material that has been tested over time and is resistant to sunlight, chemical damage and cracking.
  5. Is the cabinet made from an alternative wood material that is virtually maintenance free?
What size spa will best suit my needs?
  1. Do you entertain a lot? Do you have a big family? Before you shop, try to determine how often you are likely to use your spa and how many people you’ll need to fit in it along with you.
  2. Knowing how you plan to use the spa will help to determine the seating arrangements and style and number of seats that will be best for you.
What are the features of this spa and what do they do for me?
  1. Sometimes the "bells and whistles" that spa manufacturers promote mean headaches for you. Ask yourself, "Does this feature add therapeutic value to my spa?"
  2. Check the jets to make sure they are fully adjustable and provide relaxation rather than punishment.
  3. Does the spa offer a variety of jets which are designed to specifically target certain areas of the body?
  4. Can I take a "test soak"? Do I like the feel of the jets and the overall comfort of the spa?
  5. How loud are the jets and the pump?
  6. Does the spa offer a balanced filtration system? Is the water continuously filtered 24 hours a day to ensure clean, clear water?
  7. Are the filters top-loaded for easy access?
  8. Is the heating and filtration system fully automatic with no programming required? • Is there an automatic clean-up cycle after you exit the spa?
  9. Are the controls user-friendly, easy to operate and adjust?
  10. Inquire about the heater, typically the most vulnerable component of any spa. Make sure corrosion will not occur.
  11. Are there multiple water care system options, including an automated water care system?
  12. Check the underwater lighting. Does the light illuminate the entire body or water and is it dimmable? Is multi-colored lighting an available option? Is it energy efficient?
  13. Is a music system available? Is it designed specifically for the spa environment?
  14. Can the spa’s electronic functions be operated via a radio-frequency remote control?
  15. What are the electrical specifications of the spa? Are both 115v and 230v available?
  16. Are there a variety of cover removal systems available? Do they support a variety of installation applications and price points?
Will the dealer do an in-home site inspection?
  1. Is there access to deliver the spa without damaging my or my neighbor’s property?
  2. Will the dealer discuss ideas and options and help plan the installation?
  3. Does the price include delivery and set-up? Will they place the spa where it is supposed to go?
  4. What are the electrical requirements?
Can I have customer references?
  1. Check with the Better Business Bureau for more information.