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Print the 2011 Pool Opening Form here

All Openings include:

  • Reconnection of all systems
  • Checking of systems operations
  • Addition of algaecide and pool enzyme

Pool Owner is responsible to:

  1. Drain the bulk of the water and remove debris from cover. If the customer cannot pump off the cover, we will do it for a fee of $100.00. Advanced notice is required.
  2. Fill the pool to operating level. We can instruct you how to do this. If this is not done ahead of time it will be necessary for us to make another trip.
  3. Leave out all plugs and fittings.



INGROUND POOL with Automatic Cover: $200

INGROUND POOL with Mesh Safety Cover: $250

INGROUND POOL with Solid Cover and Water Tubes: $295
Includes removal and rinsing of the winter cover, and application of Stow-Away® to cover


  • Sand Change at Opening (residential pools): $.75/pound (according to the size of your sand filter)
  • Clean Cover Box (automatic cover): $50
  • Clean Automatic Cover: $65

SPA OPENING: $125 (For a winterized, non-portable spa) We will drain and refill, or open winterized portable spas. For scheduling and cost, contact Mike or Dennis.

Scheduling information:

  • The tentative date for opening your pool will be confirmed by email (or phone) within 1-2 days of your request. We will schedule your opening as close to your preferred date as our calendar permits.
  • We will send you a reminder by email (or phone) approximately a week in advance of your scheduled opening.
  • We will confirm the date and approximate time of your opening 24 hours in advance. We will contact you as soon as possible if we must reschedule your service.
  • We ask for you understanding as we have to work around the weather and other unforeseen circumstances in scheduling.


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Cost for sand change after opening is $1 per pound (savings of $.25/pound at opening).
Did you have any problems keeping your pool clear or maintaining good water chemistry last year?  
Would you like to place an order for pool chemicals to be delivered when we come to open your pool? * Yes No
Alex (water testing software) can calculate average seasonal usage for a pool of your size, or we can pull your past season's purchase record. Contact us if you'd like this information or if you have questions about our delivery program throughout the season. We can take your order by phone (309-263-8233) or email us.
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Please Note:

  1. We require payment at the time of service. In order to schedule your opening, we require a credit card number on file. We will take your credit card number by phone when we confirm your opening. Do Not Send It On This Form. If you are present at the time of opening and you prefer, we will accept your check rather than charging your credit card.

  2. At opening, equipment will be reassembled, system started, and heater and cover operation tested. If your equipment is not working, there will be an additional charge for parts and the labor required.

  3. We do not add water balancing or sanitizing chemicals to your pool at opening. It is not appropriate to add balancing and sanitizing chemicals until your pool water has been circulating for a minimum of 24 hours. It takes this long for the chemicals dissolved in your pool water to become evenly dispersed for accurate measurement. We recommend that you bring a water sample into our store after 24-48 hours. One of our retail staff will test your water. Based on the test results, they will recommend the chemicals necessary to balance your water.

  4. If there are any other services you would like us to do for you at opening, please contact us as soon as possible so we can allow adequate time in our scheduling.

Thank you for trusting your pool to Aquatech. We wish you a fantastically fun summer!