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Aquatech Pools and Spas in Morton received the
Sales Leader Award for 2003
from Aloha Fiberglass Pools:

"In such a short time, you have managed to accomplish what many pool builders strive a lifetime to achieve. We are aware that you have worked hard to have earned a reputation for honesty and integrity in the pool business. The positive compliments on the warranty registration cards received from your customers, indicate that you truly do put your customers first. We are so pleased to know this."

Michelle Steward, National Sales Director of
Aloha Fiberglass Pools.

Aquatech is the nations Number 1 Society of Pool Building Professionals

Private. Independent. Non-biased. Sought after membership by invitation only. Working closely with the nations leading manufacturers, the Aquatech Corporation is instrumental in the design and development of products, systems, and solutions that enhance safety, maintenance, and the general enjoyment of your pool.

Because of this unique structure, Aquatech builders have access to the most up to date and in depth information, as well as all the latest products and building techniques in
the industry.

Aquatech Corporation was founded in 1962 and will continue providing the best in products and services far into the millennium.

One Piece Fiberglass ~ "As Maintenance Free as a Pool Can Be"

Aloha is a quality one-piece fiberglass pool. Why fiberglass?

  • Fiberglass pools install in days
  • Uses less chemicals and electricity
  • Never needs resurfacing or relining

The smooth, non-abrasive finish on an Aloha Fiberglass Pool is made of an inert composition.

  • The composition helps to inhibit algae reformation
  • Reduces monthly chemical costs
  • Allows for faster circulation that results in lower electricity bills.

Custom Liner Pools

A liner pool doesn’t have to be a standard rectangle. Endless design possibilities are available.

We use galvanized steel walls from Clayton & Lambert and Plastimayd liners in building our pools. Plastimayd specializes in complex designs.
They use the latest in computer technology in product and design to create a liner that fits perfectly.

Stainless Steel Wall/Concrete Pool Bottoms

Stainless steel is an ideal material for pool walls. Pebble finishes are available for the concrete floor and ceramic tile trim can be added to complement your design. It’s a winning combination of beauty and durability.


Automatic Pool Cover:  Safety and Savings
In addition to the obvious safety value, a pool cover will save time and money in maintaining your pool.  A safety cover keeps out debris, reducing the amount of time needed to clean the pool. 

It also reduces the need for chemicals that would be required to treat the water when the pool is open to debris.  A safety cover reduces heat loss and water evaporation, which saves a
significant amount of money each year on heat and water. 

Evaporation is the source of 70% of all energy loss, and an automatic cover can eliminate 90% or more evaporation.  This far outweighs its initial investment cost.  In addition, an automatic cover will extend your pool season. 

Opening early and closing later in the year, the automatic cover makes it easy to access your pool whenever you want to take advantage of a warm, sunny day or swim for exercise.  When you can get a safety barrier that pays for itself and is environmentally responsible, it is little wonder that we install automatic safety covers on almost all the pools we build.

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