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Pool drains can pose a major safety hazard known as entrapment. The suction holding the child to the drain is 400 to 500 pounds of pressure. Children playing underwater around a drain can be seriously injured or even drown.

Entanglement can occur when a child’s hair or swimsuit gets tangled in the drain or an underwater object, like a ladder. Talk with your kids about entrapment and entanglement and teach them to stay away from pool and spa drains. Raised drain covers, multiple drains and safety vacuum release devices are means available to help prevent entrapment.

If you have questions, ask one of the professionals at Aquatech to explain this important safety issue.

Your pool is the coolest thing in the backyard. Promote worry-free fun in the sun with these
safety tips:
  • Designate a “water watcher”, an adult who agrees to watch the kids in and around the water and is not doing any distracting activity like reading or talking on the phone. Never leave children alone even for just one minute!
  • Learn to swim. It’s the best way to stay safe in and around the water. Adults and children can learn or improve their swimming skills by taking swimming lessons.
  • Don’t rely on water wings or other inflatable toys to keep a child safe. Always stay within an arm’s reach if your child can’t swim.
  • Secure all gates, doors, and windows leading to the pool. If you have small children, consider a pool alarm and equipping doors leading form the house to the pool with alarms that sound when the door is unexpectedly opened.
  • If a child is missing, check the pool first. Go to the pool and scan the pool bottom, surface and surrounding area. Every second counts.
  • Keep toys away from the pool when you’re not using the pool. Toys left in the pool can attract young children into the pool or to reach just a bit too far to try to retrieve it.
  • Make sure that furniture or other objects aren’t left near the fence that would enable a child to crawl over the fence.
  • Pool covers should be completely removed before using the pool.
  • Have a cordless phone or cell phone handy to make emergency calls, and it’s a good idea to post emergency numbers.
  • Keep rescue equipment easily accessible and in good working condition. Poles with hooks and life preservers are recommended.
  • Clearly explain the pool rules and make sure children obey them. Some of the most important: No horseplay and walk, don’t run help to prevent falls; no chewing gum or eating to prevent choking; feet first on the slide and never dive in shallow water to prevent head injuries.
  • Have a first aid kit handy and keep it stocked.
  • Protect children from the sun by using plenty of sunscreen.

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