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Aquatech offers a full range of services for pools! 
Each member of the service and installation team has specialized knowledge, training and experience in order to do the many different technical jobs they are called to do.

Aquatech’s service and construction manager has 22 years experience in the pool and spa industry.

Mike has worked in the Pool Industry since 1987. With 2 year’s experience in home construction, he joined Jug Stuber of D&D Pools as a member of the building crew. In 2005, shortly after Jug retired, Mike joined us at Aquatech. He oversees all our pool construction and service orders. Our customers appreciate his extensive experience and knowledge, and that he’s always ready to help with a smile.

Aquatech Pool Services:

Opening and Closing
Weekly maintenance
Vacation service Pump, filter & heater repair
Liner replacement
Leak detection
Cover installation and repair
Pool repair & renovation
Concrete coating and resurfacing
Routine weekly service

Don’t have time to maintain your pool?

Aquatech technicians provide weekly pool maintenance for customers throughout the Peoria area as well as in Bloomington.  They also will deliver your chemical order and offer poolside water testing.  While you’re on vacation, arrange for Aquatech to maintain your pool so it’s ready and waiting for you when your return home.