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Hot Tubs/Jacuzzis


Have you ever wondered… Would I really use a hot tub? These are some of the ways you might use your spa to help you add enjoyment and balance to your life and feel better every day!

ENJOYMENT — Avoid cabin fever this year. A hot tub provides the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the outdoors! Whether you’re reliving your favorite skiing vacation, or you’re enchanted by the clear winter sky, you might find that you enjoy winter when you can get away in your hot tub every day.
RELIEF FROM PAIN — Whether it’s muscle aches and pains from sports or gardening, or the chronic pain of arthritis or a related disease, soaking or exercising in a hot tub can help to relieve pain.
UNWIND — After a hectic day, the soothing water of a hot tub can help melt away tension and let relaxation replace the stress of the day.
WAKE-UP CALL — Start your day with a cup of coffee and your spa. Just ten minutes (the clean-up cycle is the perfect timer) and you’ll feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to start the day.
ROMANTIC GETAWAY — Leave a note for your loved one suggesting a rendezvous after work… in your spa! Light candles, play some quite music and enjoy each other’s company alone under the stars and moonlight, in the privacy of your own backyard.
SWIM SCHOOL — Your spa is perfect for teaching children basic swimming skills because it’s relatively shallow and the water is warm. Children can learn to float, blow bubbles and hold their breath underwater. Make sure the water is at a lower temperature setting (below 98°F), and you may prefer to hold off on the jets until the child’s second or third encounter.
SOCIAL — Plan a girlfriend night at your spa–complete with do-it-yourself facials and manicures, or have a TGIF party. You’ll love all the ways your spa will offer new opportunities to have fun with your friends.
CONNECT — With busy schedules and kid’s activities, the family dinner just isn’t possible everyday. The spa can be the new “dinner table”—a place where families can gather when everyone is home. It’s the perfect place to reconnect and talk about the day.
  NATURAL SLEEPING AID — Next time you have difficulty falling asleep, rather than reaching for the sleeping pills, counting sheep, or watching late night TV, considering soaking yourself into a slumber by relaxing in your spa.
  TEEN HANGOUT — Your spa will be the favorite hangout for your teen and his or her circle of friends. Talking, laughing, listening to their favorite tunes, having fun… and you’ll have the priceless reassurance of knowing they’re safe in your backyard.
  GAME TIME — Don’t have tickets to watch your favorite team? If your weekends aren’t complete without sports, plan a location where you can watch the games from your spa. Your spa might replace your favorite chair for the game of the week!