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Is your space in the garden limited, but there are no limits to your imagination? You’re lucky. There are some amazing small backyard landscaping ideas out there that will get your creative juices flowing. In no time at all, your small property can feel like a real backyard oasis. Regardless of whether you are looking for space for friends or value private refueling in nature, even small backyards can be adapted to your needs.

Small backyard landscaping costs

On average, homeowners with 0.25 acres of lawn can expect to spend money $ 10,000 in landscaping that involves professional design and mixed materials. If you’re working with a smaller space, there are two ways to create a small back yard.

First, it can be easier to fill your landscaping budget with less space. Especially when you maximize a combination of perennial flowers, long-lasting xeriscaping elements, and DIY projects, you can really transform a small garden landscape with little investment.

The other way to approach a small back yard is to get more involved with hardscaping elements. Because space is limited, quality landscaping can really take center stage and make a big impression. Whether your priority is saving money or creating a fantastic garden, there are some great little gardening projects that are sure to impress.

1. Make use of the vertical space


Look up when floor space is a premium. With some basic carpenter skills, it is possible to build tiered garden beds that will give you a lot more space to garden without biting into your sidewalk. Not the DIY type? Vertical garden beds that you can buy mean that all you have to do is show the green thumb.

2. Install seating


Chairs, and especially lounge chairs, take up a lot of space, which can be a problem if you don’t want to keep bumping into them while navigating your small yard. By installing built-in seating around a patio or the courtyard itself, you can expand your entertainment options without limiting your usable central space.

3. Define rooms with a floating deck


Who said the only place for a patio is in front of the house? By tucking a floating deck in the corner of your small garden you can create the illusion of more space. Add a bistro table and chairs for a welcoming spot to sip coffee in the morning, or add a hammock to the flat platform for a short break near the house. The average cost of a simple 10 by 10 foot pressure treated pine patio is $ 2,000.

4. Mix ground cover materials


When you inherit a small back yard that’s filled with the same ground cover material from corner to corner, it’s time to mix it up. By visually breaking up the texture of the ground cover landscaping materials, such as a mixture of paving stones, stones, lawns and terraces, the courtyard becomes much more individual and interesting.

5. Take a second look at “wasted” space


When working with the natural constraint of a small garden, one of the best strategies is to make your landscaping elements versatile when possible. A privacy fence can also serve as a vertical garden bed. A shady corner can be the perfect place for a water fountain. A small concrete terrace can be retrofitted with a fireplace embedded in the floor.

6. Create decks for garden beds


A small back yard can feel even smaller if there is a significant slope. By hiring a professional landscaper to install patios into the slope with suitable retaining walls, you can add a visual allure to your garden. Take it to the next level by planting flowers or evergreen shrubs on the patios.

7. Create a welcoming, fun space


The best backyards add to the living space of your home by adding an extra area to spend time in. Even with a pint-sized room, it’s entirely possible to make a hangout spot a hangout point. The basic equipment includes a level seating area, lounge chairs and lighting. For even more impact, get a professionally built fire pit or hire an electrician to install an outdoor television.

8. Install a sunken plunge pool


An Olympic size pool may be outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a nice dip in the cool water even with minimal garden space. If you’re landscaping a small backyard in a hot climate, consider building a plunge pool – a shallow pool that’s more intended for lounging than swimming. On average, it costs $ 20,000 to install a 6 x 12 foot plunge pool. However, if you want to spend time in your garden on hot summer days, the investment can be worth it.

9. Use the sideyard


If your garden is small, look beyond it. If there is space by the side of the house, take advantage of expanding your yard area, adding a walkway, and building a front privacy fence so it really feels like a personal retreat rather than wasted space.

10. Build a deck around an in-ground spa


If a hot tub is more practical than a pool in your climate, you can still go the underground route, which has the added benefit of keeping the visual space open and making the garden seem larger than it is. By building a custom deck around a hot tub, it can feel like a place to hang out whether you’re in or out of the water.

11. Prepare for an outdoor kitchen


On average, outdoor kitchens can set you back $ 13,000. In a small space, however, your scaled-down, minimalist kitchen can do more $ 4,500 Offer. If you’re planning on hosting outdoor dinner parties, an outdoor kitchen is both functional and eye-catching in every way.

12. Blur the inside-outside border


A great way to make a small garden look bigger? Enlarge the space by opening the back doors directly onto a patio or deck on the same level. Or, consider building a bartop on the side of the house where open windows in the kitchen allow someone to serve drinks and appetizers while the rest of the group gathers in the garden.

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