5 Best Landscaping Companies in Boston, MA

Below is a list of the leading and leading landscaping companies in Boston, Massachusetts. To help you find the best landscaping company near you in Boston, we’ve compiled our own list based on this review score list.

Boston’s Best Landscaping Companies:

The top rated landscaping companies in Boston, MA are:

  • Masonry, LLC – Excellent work from a reliable and dependable team
  • DD Elite Landscaping – State of the art professional service
  • All Star Landscaping – Service that stands out from the competition
  • The landscape management professionals – Luxurious service with tailor-made solutions
  • The narrow alley – Unique, sustainable and timeless landscapes

Masonry, LLC

Masonworks Boston Best Landscaping

Masonry, LLC has been providing excellent landscaping work for over forty years. In addition to landscape services, they also offer bricklaying, decking and hardscape services. They also work on outdoor housing projects. To get started, you can get a free estimate through the website.


Landscaping, masonry, hardscape, outdoor living spaces


Address: 83 Altamont Ave Melrose, MA 02176
Phone: (617) 828-2733
Website: masonworksllc.com


“Masonworks is doing an excellent job. They did a big project for us this summer and we are happy and grateful for everything they did. To add it I would use them again. In fact, I have already recommended it to several friends and family members. Jeff and his team work with great integrity and great craftsmanship. ”- Jason M.

DD Elite Landscaping

DD Elite Boston Landscaping

DD Elite Landscaping has been involved in landscaping for over ten years. In fact, her owner regards landscaping as her passion. In addition to bricklaying, they also offer property maintenance and irrigation services. Although they don’t have a physical office, they are easy to contact over the phone or through their website. However, you need to call them to claim your free offer.


Masonry, property maintenance, irrigation, tree maintenance, snow plowing


Address: N / A
Phone: (781) 985-5291
Website: ddelitelandscaping.com


“Rey and the crew were fantastic. First they had to level parts of our lawn. Next, they cleaned it up. Then mulch, seeds, etc. added. You did a fantastic job. In addition to being reasonably priced, they got the job done really quickly. I would definitely use it again. ”- Michael L.

All Star Landscaping

All Star Boston Landscaping

All Star Landscaping promises to do the job right. In fact, they have assigned a foreman to each team. In this way you can ensure a smooth and timely project flow. Aside from landscaping, they can also fix your fences, patios, and more. In addition, they have qualified staff specially tailored to your gardening needs.


Landscape, fence installation, terraces, posts, paving stones, steps, walls


Address: 75 Sycamore St, Roslindale, MA 02131
Phone: (857) 919-7516
Website: allstarboston.com


“We recently had our fence posts repaired, which resulted in dirt and stone being dug up all over the flower beds. All Star came in and made the garden absolutely pristine. First they cleared the flower beds. Next they installed really nice finely ground mulch. Plus, they did a great job cleaning up the lawn. We can highly recommend these guys. ”- Claire C.

Landscape management professionals

Professionals Landscaping Boston Landscaping Company

Landscape management professionals offers professional project management for all your services. This guarantees you a carefree service. In addition, their excellent work comes at a reasonable price. First-time customers even receive a special discount! They also offer a free project evaluation and quote through their website.


Landscape, fence installation, lawn maintenance, garden maintenance, outdoor areas


Address: 29 Hannover St. Lynn, MA 01902
Phone: (857) 380-1112
Website: theprosincorporated.com


“Working with Salo and his crew is great. They listen to your concerns and make sure that you are satisfied with your project. We have had a custom made horizontal fence installed in our yard and are very pleased with how quickly it was set up and how well it was done. Great team to work with. ”- Afshin C.

The narrow alley

The narrow alley designs landscapes around the beauty of nature. In addition to landscaping, they also take care of construction and maintenance. They have an experienced crew of craftsmen on board. As a result, you can expect exceptional customer service and quality work. Although they do not have a physical office, they are easily reached through their website. You can also book a virtual consultation online.


Design, construction, maintenance


Address: N / A
Phone: (857) 263-3574
Website: TheNarrowLane.com



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