5 Tips to Keep a Landscaping Project on Time, Under Budget | Personal Finance

Valentine also recommends considering long-term life plans when starting your project. Will this hearth get in the way of a future swing?

2. Start small and build up over time

Instead of bundling landscaping with construction, more and more homeowners are asking for designs, but then doing the work themselves or hiring a professional if time and budget allow, says Phil Shearon, president of the Shearon Design Collective in the Phoenix area.

The design service at Shearon’s company costs an average of $ 1,500, and if you have a professionally planned garden, you can do it yourself.

Shearon recommends starting with a key feature that you look forward to and building on to that over time.

Alternatively, you can start with a smaller project like a flower bed or garden to help meet your short-term goals and save large expenses, says Samantha Gorelick, a New York-based hobby gardener and certified financial planner with Brunch & Budget.

3. Reuse, exchange and sale

Before throwing away existing hardscape items that you don’t like, see if you can reuse or sell them, says Valentine.

Can you turn the stones that surround your flower bed into a walkway? Would that extra two by four of an old fence work as a border around a raised garden?

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