6 Best Rated Landscaping Companies in Quebec

6 Top Rated Landscaping Companies in Quebec

In ancient times, Quebec people had to invest a great deal of time, effort, and resources creating their personalized outdoor spaces. Be it the facade of your home or a new garden, the design and implementation have always been difficult. However, with the emergence of landscaping companies in the city, the field of landscaping has developed by leaps and bounds. If you have a garden idea today, it can be realized with the help of experienced landscapers. Whether it’s a small project or a large one, having the hands of professionals is a sigh of relief.

To make it easier for you, below is a list of companies that can assist you throughout the process. Take a quick look and don’t use your dream garden / landscape. In the past, Quebec people had to invest a lot of time, effort, and resources creating their personal outdoor spaces. Be it the facade of your house or a new backyard, its design and implementation have always been difficult.

Landscape architect

Spatio Paysagiste will make your landscape dreams come true. Regardless of whether you are renovating an old room or designing a new one – with this company you are well prepared. It promises to offer creative design solutions to your problems. Spatio also offers expert recommendations in all aspects of your landscape project. Plus, it understands the role of lighting in livening up your garden or home. With a passionate and efficient team of specialists, it tries to serve every type of customer with the same zeal and honesty.


Concrete paving stones, asphalt paving, paving maintenance and protection), landscape architecture (plan), fences including wood, glass, steel, wrought iron, ornamental plantations / horticulture, waterfalls, low-voltage lighting, natural stone work, laying lawns, building a terrace and walls of all kinds.


Address: 740-1 Avenue Eymard, Quebec

Phone: 418-264-4993

Website: https://spatiopaysagiste.com/

Amenagements Paysagistes Quebec Inc.

The Quebec-based landscaping company has been in business for three decades. The company uses best landscaping practices to design a home that suits your choices and budget needs. IT offers a wide variety of services such as installing flower beds, building stone pavement, mini-excavation, and related projects. With its sustainable approach, it delivers landscape design solutions that require no or minimal maintenance without taking the quality factor into account. The versatility and knowledge of their team make every dream project a possibility.


Flower beds, sidewalks and paths, Japanese steps, plantations, pergolas, arbors, blocks, wood, patio areas, swimming pool, walls, sidewalk, create ponds, plant holes, leveling, excavation, lush lawns, peat laying & gardens and garden walls.


Address: 1665 BC BC De la Capricieuse, Quebec, Qc, G1J 3W2

phone: 418 524-4271


Concept Paysager Inc.

Concept Paysager Inc is an established Quebec company dedicated to providing high quality products and materials identified after a thorough understanding of customer preferences. The experts look at landscaping trends before offering any suggestions / advice. With its wide variety of services, it guarantees results for any landscaping project, small or large. Get a beautifully designed access to your personal space with Concept Paysager Inc. or add something new to the existing project.


Excavation, asphalt, slabs, steps, low walls, curbs, earth, lawn, decorative stone, paved sidewalk, patio, retaining wall, granite wall or natural stone, flower box, concrete steps, slab deck, paved style, bottom pool contour, paver cleaning and installing polymer sand.


Address: 7917 bouls. Wilfrid-Hamel, Quebec (G2G 1C8)

Website: https://www.conceptpaysager.com/

Xavier Landscaper

The company offers the ideal mix of professionalism and competence. Xavier Paysagiste has set an example for other companies in the arena to follow. It is a family business that has been changing hands from generation to generation for almost three decades. Using high quality materials to highlight the outdoor space you are looking for, Xavier has served hundreds of thousands of customers in and around Quecca. Regardless of whether you want an attractive facade or a new garden in your house, they will support you from conception to implementation. Their team is efficient and knowledgeable in handling all types of landscaping projects.


Walls, patio, sidewalks, driveways, paving stones, excavations and peat laying.


address: 560, Rue du Méandre, Quebec, Qc, G1C 1H2

Phone: 418-667-2836

Website: https://xavierpaysagiste.com/

MRA landscaping company

Lee Enterprises is a Quebec landscape specialist. It has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of landscaping. Les has carried out a variety of small and large residential, industrial and civil projects since its inception. It also provides emergency snow removal services during the winter season for people in and around Quebec. Other important services are the maintenance of green spaces, excavation work, planning and implementation. Ask for help building a garden space where you can relax as much as possible.


Stubble cultivation, fertilization, weed control, lawn mowing, lawn ventilation, residential, commercial, industrial developments, installation of driveways and side paths, excavation work, snow removal in residential areas and in industry.


Address: 1530 Boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel Suite 104, Quebec

phone: 418-681-5068


Landscaper Ideas Concept

Paysagiste Idée Concept was founded in 1988 and has adhered to professional ethics throughout all landscaping. The landscapers believe in beautifying your exterior according to your expectations and needs. They know the technical know-how of design that enables them to create sustainable creations. The team of efficient and creative staff has helped bring the best styles to their customers. By integrating landscape trends and the latest practices, Paysagiste Idée Concept strives for the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Services: Landscaping, snow removal and gardens, flower sales.


Address: 6 Orleans Street Levis, QC G6V 2R5

Phone: 418-833-5850

website:: https://www.paysagisteideeconcept.com/

It is advisable to consult an expert before starting any commercial or residential project. We hope your search for the best landscaping companies in Quebec ends on this list. Make an appointment before planning a face-to-face meeting with them. Wish you luck

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