6 Landscaping Essentials You Need This Summer

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Our gardens, porches and backyards have become a huge addition to our homes over the past year. “Social front yards,” where people can hold festive but less formal gatherings, and “immunity gardens,” where foods and herbs that boost immunity are the focus of the harvest, are big nowhere trends.

Ready to come down and get dirty? We’ll cover you. Save money, your back, and your sanity with these tech-savvy but affordable gardening and landscaping picks from just $ 6.

These can scare your pet, but they work. (Photo: Amazon)

While it may be tempting to use this to scare your unsuspecting child (I know I thought about it), claw gardening gloves are a brilliant addition to your gardening tool box regardless of your level. I really can’t believe I’ve never seen this one before!

The built-in plastic claws on each hand make digging and planting easier and give you precision when pulling out weeds and their pesky roots. It protects your hands from cuts, chipped and dirty fingernails, and the nylon knit material is waterproof and breathable to keep hands cool.

Over 6,600 positive reviews and I love that they eliminate the need to bring out the tools of a shed to deposit a new yearbook. Starting at just $ 7, you’ll not only save time, but your hands and money too.

Shop it: XJYAMUS Garden Genie Gloves, from $ 7, amazon.com

What a cute home for your flowers!  (Photo: Amazon)

What a cute home for your flowers! (Photo: Amazon)

There is nothing more luxurious than beautiful, heavy planters made of ceramic and brushed stone. I used to throw myself on the magazine-worthy deck of my daughter’s godmother, studded with huge planters that looked like they were carved in Italy. Since her setup is passed out, I asked her about some of my favorite garden products while preparing this story – and she raved about fiberglass planters. I cut in, “Wait a minute – is that on your deck?” Oh yeah, folks, those light pots made a fool of me, and now I’m ordering 10.

The story goes on

She loves that they are easy to move as they are so light, and these have over 7,000 positive reviews from other savvy and greedy people who want to fool the rest of us. Very funny guys!

Buy it: Classic Home and Garden Patio Pot Honeysuckle Planter, $ 21 (was $ 23), amazon.com

Plant bulbs in next to no time.  (Photo: Amazon)

Plant bulbs in next to no time. (Photo: Amazon)

You should see my contagious kind of joy when I pick plants at our local hardware store – which unfortunately turns into sad sighs of defeat hours later as I ponder how to dig a hole deep enough to carry my transfer new Plant baby. Enter: That plant snail that attaches to my husband’s electric drill that helps me dig holes exponentially faster, even on hard rocky ground. It works for lightbulbs and spikes too, and I love that the extended length allows me to stand and prevent back pain!

It also serves a dual purpose – bring it to the beach to anchor your umbrella – I felt lucky not to have knocked anyone else out, so it definitely goes in my beach bag from now on!

Buy it: Auger auger for planting, $ 15 (was $ 18), amazon.com

An expert recommended choice.  (Photo: Amazon)

An expert recommended choice. (Photo: Amazon)

This next choice was highly recommended by a landscape architect who loves this garden servant not only because it’s foldable and has handy pockets for stowing tools – but also because it can be used as a seat.

I love how versatile it is, you can take it with you from the garden to hang out fishing! It also has a foam-padded pillow to keep the pressure off your knees – one reviewer raved it helped her yard back after a knee replacement, and the bars help you get back to standing – and it folds up for storage . Genius.

Shop it at: TomCare Garden Kneeler Seat Garden Bench Garden Stool, $ 50 (was $ 58), amazon.com

The kids and pets will love it - and so will your plants.  (Photo: Amazon)

The kids and pets will love it – and so will your plants. (Photo: Amazon)

Make your lawn a talking point in the neighborhood by delegating your lawn care to Artificial Intelligence. The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller replaces your old controller and connects directly to your smartphone to save money, water and time.

Their exclusive weather intelligence automatically skips unnecessary watering, makes calls based on the daily weather, and allows you to run sprinklers and monitor your water usage outdoors. It is also based on the specific needs of your lawn, including plant types, soil type, sun exposure, and more.

You can even set up custom zones in your garden depending on what is growing. It’s like having a personal lawn care professional set up a store in your home! You may also see savings of 30 to 50 percent on your monthly water bill.

Buy it: Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller, $ 280, amazon.com

No more annoying mosquitoes!  (Photo: Amazon)

No more annoying mosquitoes! (Photo: Amazon)

I made the candles, the bracelets, the sprays – nothing helps against those pesky mosquitoes, especially around my most delicious ankles. Thermacell’s Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller is DEET, trap, and noise-free, and offers a 4.5-foot mosquito protection zone with no cords or batteries, so you can safely take it with you wherever your gardening takes you! It is simply powered by a fuel cartridge and heat activated defense mats that change color when it is time to refill, there is no noise or odor. It also gives me peace of mind when it comes to my kids – it’s been tested for safety and effectiveness by the EPA – and 26,000 reviewers – who don’t google to find home remedies for insect bites – love it too.

Other expert-recognized tips include planting highly fragrant herbs known to deter pests like garlic and coriander, and growing flowers that support beneficial insects like honeybees and ladybugs! You can also consult a local arborist to find out what type of soil you have – clay, sand, etc – and from there adjust watering schedules and planting options!

Shop it: Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller, $ 20 (was $ 25), amazon.com

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