8 Best Trees To Plant for Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Your garden is begging for a beautiful tree that will add shade and color to your existing landscape. However, before you go to your local nursery and snap the first sapling that catches your eye, it’s important to know how the tree will grow over the years. “When choosing which trees to plant in your home, first consider the conditions of your location,” advises Stephen McFarlane, Regional Landscape Manager at Sandals Resorts International. “Make sure that the tree you plan to plant can survive in your climate and make sure that you have suitable soil conditions for it to thrive. Sunlight, wind and drainage are also important factors in terms of the right site conditions. “

Once you’ve established the function of your tree (i.e., should the tree give flowers or should it provide evergreen shade year-round), you should consider caring for it. Some trees drop messy fruits and nuts while others have invasive root systems that can disrupt the foundation of your garden and home. Here are eight trees that are easy to care for, adapt to a variety of soil types, and grow in different lighting conditions:

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