Alpharetta Town Green Converting To Artificial Turf This Summer

ALPHARETTA, GA – On June 1, contractors will be removing the grass from the Town Green in downtown Alpharetta when the conversion of the popular parking space to artificial turf begins. The area along Main Street in front of Alpharetta City Hall will be closed for 30 days while the renovation is complete.

“The Town Green has become one of our favorite parking lots and is used heavily every day when it’s not raining or nearly freezing,” said Morgan Rodgers, Alpharetta’s director of recreation, parks and cultural services. “As much as everyone wanted to keep natural grass there, it’s just not possible that so many people play and walk there almost every day. It’s just ground into mud.”

According to Rodgers, the city has tried a variety of grass types, land enlargements, and other strategies unsuccessfully.

“We consulted with numerous experts and even contacted the folks who tend the grass for the Braves in Truist Park and they all advised that the only real solution is if we wanted the town green to be green in spring and summer That is moving to artificial turf, “he said.

Last month, Alpharetta City Council reviewed several artificial turf samples to determine which were most realistic and matched the appearance of natural grass in nearby areas. On April 19, you placed an order for the renovation project.

The city admits that the ideal time to close the greens and complete the work is during the winter months, when very few people are inclined to use outdoor parking spaces, but the grass is in poor condition and needs to be now be replaced.

“We tend to have a lot of residents vacationing in early June, so we schedule work to correspond with people outside of town so we affect fewer people,” Rodgers said. “If we run into bad weather or other challenges, it will take up to 30 days for the project to complete, but it could be a lot faster.”

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