Are Malvern Stone walls in danger of collapsing in the heat?

Crumbling stone walls in Malvern could pose a threat to pedestrians and drivers, a city council warned.

Cllr Sharon Taylor said the recent heat wave collapsed some of the city’s Malvern Stone walls.

She said, “Malvern’s stone walls are crumbling in the extreme summer heat.

“There are walls all over the city that urgently need to be repaired before they block sidewalks and streets.

“Over the past few days, residents have contacted me about several large Malvern boulders that fell out of the wall in Laburnum Walk at the foot of Grafton Close.

“At one point there is a hole to the other side.

“The residents fear that the wall will collapse completely in places that could cause dangers and dangers for parents, children and dog handlers.

“I reported your concern to the county council and asked them to do a quick investigation and repair before anyone is injured.”

The structural stability of walls is the responsibility of South Worcestershire Building Control rather than County Council.

Highways cabinet member Cllr Alan Amos said an inspection had been ordered to ensure the wall was not a threat to the road.

He said: “All of our highways are routinely inspected and such structural defects or breakdowns would be identified and acted on accordingly.

“South Worcestershire Building Control is responsible for overseeing the structural stability of buildings and walls in Malvern, Wychavon and Worcester and will alert us if a wall or privately owned building poses a threat to the motorway.

“We have arranged an inspection of the Laburnum Walk and will ensure that the area is secured if necessary.

“While we have a thorough inspection routine, we also rely on the public to alert us to problems with our highways.

“If you discover a problem, please visit”

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