Are You Asking the Right Landscaping Questions? — RISMedia |

The Appraisal Institute encourages homeowners to hire an appraiser to come up with ideas for improving the landscaping of their property and potentially increasing their selling price.

Well-designed houses are worth between 1% and 10% more than houses without high-quality landscapes, according to a report by HomeLight. Landscaping can make a home much more salable and attract potential buyers.

“Just as job seekers shouldn’t appear inappropriately dressed for an interview, sellers need to ensure that their property is as attractive as possible from the outside,” said Rodman Schley, president of the Appraisal Institute, MAI, SRA. “Well-kept landscaping is particularly attractive to home buyers who are unwilling to invest money to get the property in the desired condition.”

A home with lackluster landscaping, or an exterior in dire need of repainting, is likely to be unattractive to potential buyers and ultimately detract from the home’s potential resale value.

Homeowners considering selling their property should ask themselves these four critical questions:
Is the landscaping attractive enough to let the potential buyer walk through the front door?
Could landscaping bring cost savings?
Overall, is the landscaping for the house energy efficient?
Are the trees planted a safe distance from the house, and are they healthy and well cared for?


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