Artificial turf an intelligent recreation option | News

A walk in Unity Park on Wednesday saw dozens of children playing soccer or stretching over playground equipment.

Same situation in George Page Park as the first official summer days. Incidentally, a recent summer solstice marked the longest day of the year. The daylight is waning now, so enjoy the fading moments.

Most of the playground visitors were Spanish and enjoyed the summer fun outdoors. Both parks need better maintenance as weeds and tall grass overtake playing fields and playground equipment.

Baseball fields, which were once pristine when Italians lived in an area called Chambersburg, look stressed out as city workers don’t make a decent maintenance. Instead of pushing lawnmowers, it’s time to push the envelope.

Heavenlygreens, a leading provider of artificial turf systems, provided important reasons for the artificial ground cover. Read them and let’s move on to this conversation.

  1. No running costs for water.
  2. Virtually no running costs for maintenance. Cities save money on labor, mowing equipment, transportation, gas, and insurance. And you can avoid the cost of repeated repairs that natural grass requires, filling holes, and re-seeding dead spots from weather or overuse.
  3. No loud, annoying mowing and smelly soiling from the devices.
  4. Artificial turf is free from allergens and toxins, and there is never a need to apply questionable chemicals. This protects people, pets, wild animals and the environment. And that increases public approval because people now expect their communities to be more sustainable.
  5. The game is never interrupted by puddles or mud, because the Heavenly Greens MaxxFlow drainage system drains 10 times faster than natural grass and dries quickly. Artificial turf is not slippery when wet.
  6. Safer surfaces for the little ones. Heavenly Greens Fallsoft artificial turf has been specially designed and installed to cushion falls and shocks from heights greater than five feet, making it the perfect surface for play structures and other equipment.
  7. Dog parks that appeal to people and puppies alike, thanks to artificial grass with dog-friendly properties.

Of course, real grass offers a natural experience, but cities on a tight budget need alternatives. Trenton should implement a mix of artificial and real turf to offer our children improved recreational opportunities.

Until then, the Trenton workers have to mow the grass. It’s amazing to visit suburbs and see the upkeep and maintenance of their recreational areas from playgrounds to ball fields.

Our children and families deserve better recreational opportunities and conditions.

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