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PACIFIC GROVE – The return of football this fall also means a fresh, new look at the sports facilities at Palma School and Pacific Grove High School.

Both schools are being redesigned as new artificial turf fields and tracks will be laid out over the course of the summer.

The synthetic fields are a huge improvement on the artificial turf that was laid out on every campus more than a decade ago, while the lanes are designed to provide a fresh and quick feel.

The two fields are among three new facilities in Monterey County that will premiere this fall. Seaside will showcase its new facility for soccer after the pandemic kept them off the field last year.

Palma turf will have a mix of sand and rubber inside, along with a shock pad underneath, which will make all activities on the pitch safer.

“It’s a better turf, a big improvement on what was installed a decade ago,” said Palma Sporting Director Rob Bishop. “The biggest difference is the shock-absorbing underside. Our field is heavily used. ”

In addition to soccer exercises for three programs and soccer games for freshmen that are played on campus, Palma uses its facility for soccer and lacrosse as well as physical education.

A large “P” logo adorns the center of the field, with one end zone saying “Palma” and the other “Chieftains” in red with a gold border, while lines for lacrosse are also being installed this time.

“We didn’t have lacrosse when this field was set up,” said Bishop.

The athletics facility will have a bright, brand new look as a fading eight-lane black surface is replaced with a weatherproof red look.

“The track will be a huge improvement,” said Bishop. “Shin splints will be goodbye. It gets softer. The old splint was a thin rubber surface on cement. ”

The field parts of the sport, such as the shot put system and the runways for the vertical jumps, are to be improved.

“The life expectancy of the lawn and the track is at least 10 years,” said Bishop. “But the shockpad underneath will always pass the safety test.”

Palma also adds a scoreboard that rotates along the left field line so it can be used for baseball games, as well as lacrosse, soccer, athletics and freshman soccer games.

“The entire project will cost close to $ 1 million,” said Bishop.

This is the first phase of a two-phase project in which Palma plans to equip its entire baseball field with artificial turf and to build a new weight room and concession stand.

Pacific Grove’s facility on the sports field was long overdue and had more than exceeded its life expectancy after installation 12 years ago during the renovation of the entire stadium.

The Breaker Stadium is used for soccer, boys and girls soccer, lacrosse and athletics, and all physical education classes.

“We have had several examples of different turfs thrown at us,” said Pacific Grove football coach Jeff Gray. “But we wanted to be similar to this. We’ll have some upgrades. ”

Pacific Grove’s synthetic field will include rubber pellets in place of the cork installed in recent surfaces in North County, Stevenson and Monterey.

Before the surface is laid, padding is placed underneath it to provide a softer cushion when it hits the lawn.

The center of the field will bear the traditional “PG” logo, while “Breakers” will appear in one end zone and “Pacific Grove” in the other.

“The plan is for it to be ready a few days before the opening game against Carmel,” said Gray.

Pacific Grove opens its season on August 27th against Carmel in the annual “Shoe” game.

While the field is expected to be completed before August, the nine-lane red all-weather route will also be renewed.

Monterey High School hopes to begin breaking ground for a new artificial turf facility beneath their sports field as the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District Board of Directors will vote on the project on July 27th.

If it does, a field that has become an eyesore with dirt and weeds under campus will be converted into a synthetic sports field with a 2,400-square-foot strength and conditioning center.

“This facility will be for all of our students,” said Tom Newton, Monterey school principal. “It will give the church something to be proud of.”

The facility would be set up for field hockey and lacrosse for boys and girls, as well as a softball field on campus. Monterey currently plays its softball games at Jacks Park.

Field hockey shares half of the sports field with the football program in autumn, while the boys ‘and girls’ football teams share the practice facilities in winter.

As part of the project, seating will be installed on the visitor side of the sports field and lights on the upper pitch so that the school can host five football matches a year.

Salinas Rancho San Juan High School will have its first full football season on the streets as the on-campus sports facility takes shape.

There is currently only one meadow on campus. Construction is underway to add seating, a ticket booth, food stalls, lighting, and an all-weather athletics facility.

“We’re being evicted for a year,” said Rancho San Juan soccer coach Troy Emrey. “The hope is that the project will be completed by the end of the calendar year.”

The facility could be ready to host football matches in 2022, as well as track and field meetings in the spring and the school’s first senior year in late May. Rancho San Juan will play its home games at Alvarez High this fall.

Carmel High is preparing an environmental impact report on the potential of its facility’s lighting, which includes soccer, field hockey, soccer, lacrosse, athletics and recreational uses.

But the project is at least a year away in terms of building permit.

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