Artificial Turf Plan For Rockville High School Headed To A Vote

VERNON, CT – A plan to replace the natural grass surface at Rockville High School Stadium with artificial turf is back on the table, this time with a cash option that could pave the way for summer construction. A new athletics surface is also included in the plan.

Vernon City Council decided in a 9-2 vote to send the plan to a city assembly scheduled for April 20th at 7:30 p.m.

Council members Thomas Didio and Maryanne Levesque voted against the measure.

If voters approve the field proposal, construction could start in the summer, said city administrator Michael Purcaro.

The total cost of the complex is $ 1,549,171. The current proposal to pay for the complex with available cash replaces a plan to lease the field before fully buying it, which was scrapped in the previous budget cycle.

Both Purcaro and Superintendent of Schools Joseph Macary said the cash option was more workable because the money was available.

The bills would be paid in two parts, Purcaro said. Purcaro said a total of $ 1,129,462 would be withdrawn from the one-time equity fund for education for a Field Turf surface and maintenance plan.

The balance – $ 419,709 for a new track and field surface – will come from the general fund.

The aging track complex is overdue for renewal, Macary said.

“Lots of people are using the track and it’s time,” he said. “It’s not just for the students, it’s for the whole city.”

When the plan was first proposed, Macary said man-made surfaces would add 30 to 35 days of useful life to the complex because of less drainage and weather-related issues.

Macary said permanent soccer and football lines would be part of the field. Lacrosse lines are painted on seasonally, he added.

Didio explained his reasons for saying no in an email to Patch:

“As a city council, we have a fiduciary responsibility to citizens to ensure that as much information is provided as possible. This includes installation costs, ongoing maintenance costs, and disposal costs after the lawn has expired. None of this information has been provided.

“There are certain security issues to consider. Nothing has been provided.

“All of this information is vital for us to make an informed decision. If more information is needed for the public, we should be able to ask these questions. We have been asked to give a 1.5 million -Dollar Project. I was in good conscience I argued vigorously that we are receiving information that we should all consider before recommending this project, before going to a public meeting.

“The other members of the council were clearly of the opinion that it was okay to evade their responsibilities to the public. They will argue that the public should decide. I have no problem with that, but we as the council (then the public I ask the superintendent to publish as much information as possible so that we can make an informed decision. “

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