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Austin Strong may seem young, but he’s a seasoned professional when it comes to lawn and landscaping.

A 2019 graduate of Little Falls Community High School (LFCHS), Strong began building his business when he was only 13 years old. Now at 21, he has renamed himself Strong Enterprises, LLC, which includes both Strong Lawn and Landscape and Strong Snow Management.

“I started it myself,” said Strong. “Sometimes I have to tell people, ‘No, I didn’t get it.’ I started when I was 13 and have grown since then.

“I had some family friends who owned some rental properties that they needed someone to mow,” he said. “I thought it would be a good way to make a little more money in the summer. I’ve always enjoyed mowing and working outside, so it just kept going from there. “

It didn’t hurt that he had landscaping experience, either. In 2011 his parents built a new home and – since his father had landscaping experience – they did all of this work themselves. He said he learned how to build retaining walls and do basic landscaping work at a young age by helping with this project.

As he grew and learned more in his profession, he began to take on larger and more complicated projects. He also made more money, which enabled him to invest in his thriving business by purchasing new equipment.

Despite his growing knowledge of the trade, he had no idea at the time that it would one day become a profession.

“It was probably when I was about 16 – at the time I had a truck and a trailer – and a lot of people kept coming up to me asking if I could do their lawn,” said Strong. “I was walking up to 30 meters a week at this point and was starting to make pretty decent money.”

It was essentially a side appearance at the time. He was still a student at LFCHS and professionally “did a little bit of everything”. In addition to turfing and landscaping, he also helped out on a friend’s farm and worked for a local garbage and recycling company.

“Now I have about 100 lawn accounts,” he said. “That’s about 16 hours a week, just mowing.”

This does not include any special landscape projects that he takes on. He currently has a full-time employee besides himself who does most of the work. Part-time workers are sometimes hired for larger projects.

He also has to use part-time assistance in winter.

Not long after he got his lawn and landscaping business up and running, Strong began to be interested in his snow removal services during the winter as well. He’s accumulated the equipment for plowing and spreading salt on driveways and parking lots, while he has a skid steer loader and shovels to look after sidewalks.

Last winter, Strong said he had about 120 residential and 20 business accounts downtown.

“It’s a lot of headache,” he admitted about the winter part of his business. “Snow can come at any time and everyone wants their driveways cleared by 7 a.m. You just do your best to make everyone happy. “

As the company evolved, Strong also had to learn more about some of the aspects of working behind the scenes. He said he has learned a lot over the past few years about working with attorneys on filing an LLC, how to apply for small business loans and landscaping permits. The requirements for the latter can vary greatly depending on the location of the property, for example on a lakeshore.

At this point, however, there isn’t much that he cannot do. He said he offers weekly and bi-weekly lawn cleaning, paved patios, riprap and coastal cliff walls, fall and spring foliage cleaning, delivery and distribution of black dirt, and more. It also serves a wide area, commencing work in the Little Falls, Royalton, Randall and Cushing areas and traveling north to the Fort Ripley, Brainerd, Baxter and Cross Lake areas.

It’s more than enough to keep him busy.

He said that time management matters a lot. No matter how much work he does, he enjoys the opportunity to work outdoors every day. He also enjoys the fact that he is in a business that gives him the opportunity to see the fruits of his labor.

“I love to see the changes,” said Strong. “When you mow and cut or build a nice retaining wall or something like that, I love the satisfaction of a job well done. In many jobs you don’t see the finished product. We always see what the property looks like before and after. “

To learn more, contact Strong at (320) 630-5299, email strong, or visit Strong Lawn and Landscaping on Facebook.

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