Bank of America Stadium transitioning to artificial turf before Carolina Panthers’ 2021 season

CHARLOTTE, NC – Bank of America Stadium is moving from natural turf to artificial turf in time for the Carolina Panthers preseason schedule in August, adding 16 turf pitches to the 32 teams in the NFL.

The decision to switch to FieldTurf was made in order to guarantee a uniform surface not only for the Panthers but also for other events. These events include Major League Soccer’s Charlotte Football Club, which will play at BOA from 2022, college football games and concerts.

The stadium alone could host up to 30 professional sporting events each year.

Mark Hart, vice president and chief operating officer of Tepper Sports & Entertainment, said it would be a “heavy lift” to continue with the natural grass the stadium has used since the Panthers’ first game in 1996.

“We believe that a synthetic surface is the best solution,” said Hart.

The organization discussed the move with the Panthers and Charlotte Football Club players before making the final decision.

“We have expressed our commitment to the players to keep this field at a level that meets the highest standards,” said Hart.

In addition to NFL and MLS games, the Panthers traditionally host college football openers, the ACC championship, and the Duke’s Mayo Bowl. Georgia and Clemson will begin the 2021 college football season at BOA Stadium on September 4th.

The stadium will be suspended for several concerts in 2022 postponed due to the pandemic.

“”[David Tepper’s] The vision is that the building is a community good, ”said Hart of the team owner.

According to polls by the NFL Players Association, BOA’s turf is consistently one of the best in the NFL. The NFLPA has historically been against man-made surfaces.

NFLPA President JC Tretter wrote last year that his group would prefer each team to switch to natural grass for health and safety reasons. Research has shown that there are fewer injuries on grass.

Given the increased volume of events at BOA, it was decided that FieldTurf, already in use in Atlanta, Detroit, New England, Seattle and the New York Giants / Jets, would offer the most durable surface in addition to 11 NFL practice facilities.

Work on the conversion is expected to begin in the coming days.

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