Bassetti Landscaping says hardscaping and patios are the trend | News

BROCKWAY – According to Bassetti Landscaping’s Jeremy Bassetti, the trend among homeowners in recent years has been to focus on outdoor living spaces in landscaping projects.

Bassetti said April 1st was the 21st year for his landscaping business and that the final year was one of the busiest years in its history. He also said this year will be another busy year for his crew.

“As for the nature of the project, there has been a lot more projects like patios and other outdoor living in the last five or ten years,” Bassetti said. “That will really be the hot ticket anymore.”

Bassetti said the company resumed operations for the season in April and they are already busy for this year and the busiest they have ever been in mid-April. This is unusual because, according to Bassetti, people usually wait until later in the year to start projects. April and May are usually his busy months for meeting clients on projects.

The company started out with basic landscaping and maintenance like remodeling landscapes, cleaning leaves, and adding new mulch if necessary. He said the commercial clientele has increased again and businesses appear to be spending money on landscaping and maintenance again this year.

Bassetti said he is fortunate to have employees who stay with his company for several years, some even 12 years, to train his knowledge of hardscaping.

“I was fortunate that the staff stayed with me for quite a while, so we have a good hardscaping crew with some training and are very competent,” said Bassetti.

He said the average cost of a nice living space / patio outside is between $ 10,000 and $ 15,000, which leads most people to phased out a project over several years. Bassetti and his crew have returned to the same house for several years in a row to complete a project like this.

Bassetti designs the terraces and designs the landscape himself, which he thinks is one of his favorite parts of the job. He uses a 3D design program on his computer that he creates a design on and then the design changes as the crew works on the project based on what the clients want.

He believes that while landscaping has gotten tougher over the past five years, the people who have spent so much time at home over the past year also influenced people’s decision to invest in outdoor living spaces.

“We just opened our eyes to why we need a big vacation. if we can spend all our time in our garden, ”said Bassetti. “We had a lot of people who spent their vacation pay on their terraces.”

He and his family recently built their own patio too, and it was the best he has ever done, Bassetti said. His family used the space more than he expected.

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