BBQ fundraiser benefits Flag pole, landscaping efforts

CARTERVILLE, ILLINOIS (WSIL) – The community is gathering for a barbecue fundraiser called Lunch for Landscaping on Sunday afternoon.

The guests were able to enjoy a delicious meal with BBQ pork steak, hash browns, corn and dessert in the community center. While they were picking up and taking away their food.

All for a good cause by helping to build a retaining wall, landscaping and installing a new flagpole. It will be right off Route 13 and will welcome the people of the city.

Organizer Khrissy Hollister says residents are missing the original flagpole and marker that was removed to make way for the recent highway upgrade.

“It’s always a team effort,” she says. “There are so many doers in town that Carterville is best suited for that. Whenever necessary, people come.”

The local churches gathered and provided the side dishes while another resident helped cook the meat. Then others volunteer to serve the meals and pack them to take away.

Hollister adds that the city has almost the means to raise the flagpole.

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