Bellefontaine Neighbors adds landscaping boulders after drivers dodge street barriers

BELLEFONTAINE NEIGHBORS, Mon. – Mary Poe is a Bellefontaine Neighbors resident who feared motorists spinning through her neighborhood.

“They drove past my house like it was a freeway,” she said.

Councilor Alease Dailes said Poe was not alone. Several residents expressed fear of going outside because of the dangerous driving they had observed.

Dailes helped install roadblocks across the city in several locations earlier this year. She believes most of the residents support the decision.

“They were scared because the cars were going so fast,” said Dailes. “Now there is peace of mind.”

The city recently added some landscaped boulders after some drivers tried to bypass the roadblocks. Tire tracks are still visible for one meter.

“It was horrible how they tore up people’s lawn,” said Dailes.

She believes the landscaped boulders will keep drivers from dodging the barriers. Dailes also believes that residents are better connected because of the barriers.

“Everyone is starting to know people better because they don’t have to worry about the traffic,” she said. “They don’t mind walking the streets or mowing their lawn.”

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