Bucharest Landscaping Association offers Romania’s most iconic park a chance to survive

Bucharest Landscaping Association offers Romania’s most famous park a chance to survive

AsoP Bucharest offered the city a joint project to renovate, manage and finance the Cismigiu garden

The Bucharest Landspace Association (AsoP Bucharest) announced its plans to partner with local authorities in the Romanian capital to revive the iconic Cismigiu Gardens. The association presented a proposal in the town hall today that outlines the scope of the cooperation, the specific areas of redevelopment, a management plan and the financing options.

A landmark of Bucharest

The Cismigiu Garden was established in 1847 on what used to be a fishing lake and vineyard. The city commissioned two horticultural experts from Germany to design the park, who worked for almost 20 years to collect tree species and shape the environment.

Now the park stands proudly in the heart of Bucharest, as the largest green space in the city center. It is visited by around 5,000 visitors every day and is an extremely important place with recreational and historical value for citizens.

Because of this, AsoP Bucharest is keen to take the chance to manage the park as there are currently no solid ideas about its future development. A large part of the responsibility for the Cismigiu Gardens rests with the city authorities, who seem to lack foresight in landscape design.

However, the association is ready to provide all the necessary specialist knowledge necessary for the development and implementation of an appropriate management plan. They are also ready to take on the financing of their projects. In essence, their agreement provides that they take the lion’s share of responsibility for the park.

AsoP Bucharest commented on their Facebook page that they are aiming to attract funds to do everything in their power to give Romania’s most famous park a chance to survive. In addition, they claimed that continued collaboration between them and local authorities could provide a working model for parking management for both Bucharest and the rest of Romania.

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