Chittenden Softball League: Rock Landscaping remains undefeated

By DJ Dave Hoffenberg

Rocky landscapes vs. First Stop Base Camp

Rock Landscaping maintained its winning streak, beating around the First Stop Base Camp. Dylan Lee started the scoring in the first round and some of his teammates followed suit and took a 3-0 lead. FSBC responded with two rounds. That was how close the game would come. Rock scored 10 runs in the second, following their order and a few more. Each batter got either a hit, a run, or both. Chris Major scored down, but they stranded the bases loaded.

Rock only got two runs the rest of the way, but that didn’t matter.

FSBC had a chance to return to third place with two runners, but Smith Donelon was robbed by the biggest web gem of the year. He hit a safe home run, but left fielder Garrett Tupper made a running catch with an outstretched arm and slapped the tree as he caught but held it. It was pretty amazing to watch unless you were Donelon.

Ed Mazzella scored for FSBC in the fourth, but once again they got stranded with the loaded bases. Rock secured the mercy victory, 15-4.

Dirty Mike & The Boys vs.
Flannel fanatic

In some parts of the world, 13 is considered a lucky number. Not here and not for Dirty Mike & The Boys as they lost both games by 13 runs. First they fought a rocking battle with the Flannels Fanatics and jumped 4-0 ahead at the top of the first. FF has two in the back of the floor. DMTB extended their lead to 6: 2 in the second round, but the bottom half of the order came in for FF and they leveled 6: 6. DMTB was ruled out in the third, going back 1-2-3, including a double play and a “Cold Beer K” that looked at the aptly named Beer Guy. Jared Hall went down and looked down, but FF took a 9-6 lead.

DMTB then awakened the lead again with four runs in the fourth run with 10-9 and then eliminated FF 1-2-3 with their own double play.

The fifth time, DMTB went back 1-2-3 and FF knocked out their order, scoring four runs to regain the lead, 13-10. DMTB reduced that deficit to one and held it that way with another 1-2-3 inning. This became the game of the year with three leadership changes and two 1-2-3 innings apiece. The seventh inning is off to another chance for DMTB. There were two quick outs, but power hitter Matt Littler was up. He managed to end that game in one fell swoop, but instead it was another 1-2-3 inning for his team when he hit a dribbler on Hunter Pike, who first threw to give FF a 13-12 win .

Dirty Mike & The Boys vs.
First stop in the base camp

In the next DMTB game, Littler hit for the first time ever. He was “en fuego” at the beginning and limited FSBC to one hit over three innings with a big “CBK” to Chris Major in the third. There was nothing bad for DMTB in their three innings as they scored 9 runs.

FSBC came on the board in the fourth with three runs. They swapped runs in the next two innings to give DMTB an 11-4 lead which went into the seventh inning.

Three outs and this game is over, but FSBC had other ideas. They completed their order in full, saved the best for last, and scored nine runs. Every player got a hit and / or run, except Mad Max Rowe, who suffered a “CBK”. This was their first lead of the game and the only one it took to get their first win at 13-11.

Rock Landscaping vs. Flannel Fanatics

While number 13 proved unlucky for DMTB, Rock Landscaping was lucky at 15 who won both games with so many runs. FF once again welcomed Brett “The No Hit Man” Regimbald, who made “CBK’d” in his first at-bat, but Troy “Cowboy” Gilbertson started a deep to give FF a 3-0 lead. Rock Cowboy into the ground with one base hit at a time going his way. There have been many other avenues since they placed their order. They finished the first by shocking pitcher Ronzoni Hacker with Chad Lonergan’s Grand Slam to give Rock a 9-3 lead. FF had no answer in the second. DJ Dave Hoffenberg suffered a “CBK” and Regimbald ended the inning by stranding the bases laden with a flyout.

FF played a good “D” in the second with Ronnie Crosby and Regimbald picking up Web Gems. Cowboy hit his second home run of the game and Crosby pocketed Judd Washburn to cut the deficit in half. They had a chance for more, but both Ronzoni and DJ Dave failed with the loaded bases.

Rock made her pay six innings for it. It was a two-fer inning with two faults, two walks by Ronzoni and back-to-back sacs by Buddy Bartlett and Josh Stevens. FF got two hits in the fourth and went back 1-2-3 in the fifth.

Rock matched that, going down 1-2-3 in the fourth, but got two hits in the fifth. Regimbald snapped himself off his slump in seventh place with a hit and a run. Unfortunately, his team only managed one more run, out of a sack of cowboys.

Rock remained unbeaten with the 15: 8 victory.

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