City Council awards landscaping tender for RCMP detachment |

The city budgeted $ 1,050,000 excluding GST for the project, but NLC made an offer of $ 1,153,485.48, also excluding GST. This results in a deviation of $ 103,485.00 excluding GST, which will be deducted from the current emergency budget.

MacDonald’s report predicts an emergency balance of $ 3,720,011 available for future unforeseen events.

The council accepted a 50 percent bond for labor and materials and a 50 percent bond for performance, as the work is not scheduled until spring and summer 2022.

“Of the $ 35.3 million contract awarded (including previous construction change notifications), 23.4 million, or 66 percent, was awarded to local contractors. Of the $ 11.9 million that was contracted out, $ 10.1 million, or 85 percent, went to companies in British Columbia, ”the report said.

Phase 2 landscaping was not included in this recommendation, but the city may issue an amendment order at a later date. Phase 2 would include landscaping at the southern end of the property.

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