City’s roundabout now has landscaping

Landscaping work for a bicentenary project at the downtown Columbus roundabout is complete. Photo provided. Submitted photo

Volunteers completed the landscaping at the roundabout near the Mill Race Center in downtown Columbus as a bicentennial project.

Robin Hilber, assistant director of community development at Columbus, said the work was completed in May and took about a week to complete.

Over the next few months, the city and the volunteers hope that the plantings will look “more substantial”.

The project was funded by Columbus in Bloom and is low maintenance, Hilber said.

The landscaping includes parts of the old railroad trestle in Noblitt Park and features a combination of stone, grass, perennials and bushes.

The city’s Department of Public Works, Parks and Recreation and Community Development all worked with Columbus in Bloom to create an “aesthetically pleasing entrance” without compromising line of sight for motorists, city officials said.

Becky Church, who takes care of the downtown flowers and foliage for the city, designed the project and oversaw the installation.

The city property is located at the intersection of 11th Street, Brown Street, Lindsey Street and Indianapolis Road. It is one of the main entrances to the city center.

The landscaping of the roundabout is a bicentenary project as the city and county celebrate their 200th birthday this year as well. The celebrations include projects and events that honor the past, find common ground in the present, and envision the future of the region.

More about the 200 year anniversary

For more information on the bicentenary and a calendar of events, please visit

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