Coldwater Area Garden Club tours Showcase Gardens and Landscaping

Despite the heat and tropical dew points, 21 members of the Coldwater Area Garden Club recently gathered for a tour of Showcase Gardens and Landscaping, north of Coldwater on Old US-27.

On a tour of the greenhouse, owner Floyd Tucker showed a product called Biobest, which looks like sawdust that he sprinkles on plants instead of chemicals. This particular line of this product releases parasitic wasps, which sting aphids, which are their only source of food.

He also highlighted techniques for growing hydrangeas and suggested gardeners who want to dye them blue to use aluminum sulfate, which acidifies the soil but lasts longer than other products.

Tucker explained how to trim hydrangeas and showed the six types. He reminded breeders to use plenty of water and make sure they have full sun.

When asked about the lack of rain, he said that they are not planting trees for the time being because the soil is 1 meter deep bone dry.

Club members, however, were able to quench their thirst with ice cream cones that they sold.

The next public meeting is a tour of Harvey’s Farm U-Pick at 2651 15 Mile Rd., Just off the M-60 west of Tekonsha. It’s Thursday, July 15th, at 6 p.m.

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