Community council to look into landscaping plan after call for more trees in Dornoch

An attempt is being made to find out what the landscaping plan for a suburb of Dornoch looks like after a complaint about the lack of tree planting in new residential areas in the city.

Former Highland Councilor Duncan Allan wrote to the Dornoch area council, pointing out the lack of greenery in new developments, particularly at Deans Court and Allan Gardens – a housing project named after him.

Duncan Allan.Duncan Allan.

Treasurer Jerry Bishop said at the group’s meeting last Wednesday, “I thought it would be useful to find out what the landscaping plan for Allan Gardens was.

“I couldn’t find anything online and eventually got in touch with the planner who emailed me that she would be in touch. I’ll follow up and report back later.”

He added, “I can’t believe there isn’t a landscape plan, and developers may well wait until the end of the project to get this work done.

“If there isn’t a plan, we may have to buy some trees and ask the developer to plant them to make Dornoch more convenient.”

Challenge Dornoch’s suburbs to get greener

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