Community members contribute to landscaping at Hesed House of Hope | News

The area around the Hesed House of Hope in Lincolnnton has grown from a tangled forest to a beautifully landscaped haven for those who use the shelter’s services. Most recently, members of the Unity Presbyterian Church in Denver and the Denver United Methodist Church in Denver worked together to install 50 shrubs and six dogwood trees at the foot of the parking lot to help prevent erosion.

“I go to Hesed House at least once a month and do the meals. I hear about volunteer opportunities,” said Bill Muir, Unity’s Hesed House dining program coordinator. “There is a five year improvement program that mainly improves the terrain and education for the residents. That list included tree planting and erosion control, as well as supporting the Trails of Hope project, which is similar to the Joshua Trail project located on top of the property. “

Denver United Methodist’s Muir and Bob Smith have brought their respective parishioners on board for both projects and are doing them.

“This is all about the Hesed House ministry,” said Smith. “Anyone can join us or donate. You don’t have to be a member of a church to help your ward. Hesed House is just one of our services. This is about honoring the good Lord. Christ came not to be served but to serve others, and we do what we do because of our faith. “

The bushes and trees were donated by Broadwell Nursery in Angiers. David Garmon helped coordinate the shrubs and trees.

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