Contractor: Exterior stone walls of Riley County Courthouse needs repair, replacement | News

During a cleaning project, crews discovered that portions of the exterior walls of the Riley County Courthouse would require additional repairs or stone replacements, but the extent of the repairs is not yet known.

Last year, Riley County hired contractor Mid-Continental Restoration Co. Inc. to clean the exterior walls of the courthouse, Carnegie building, and the county administration building for nearly $ 200,000.

During the deep clean, crews found areas that required more extensive repair or stone replacement than the original cost approved by the district commission for cleaning services.

Public works director John Ellermann said he was unaware of the exact cost increase during the Riley County’s commission meeting on Monday. The commission went on a tour of the District Court building on Monday but did not vote or take any formal action on the issue.

Despite not voting, the commissioners said they wanted to fix the problem. This requires MCR to further investigate the situation and provide cost estimates.

Chairman John Ford said after the tour that he wanted to make sure the county completes the project correctly in order to preserve and maintain the building. He is curious what the contractor has to say about the cost estimates.

“I think the building needs to be done right,” he said. “Interested in what they think from a professional point of view or what needs to be replaced, what could probably still work as a patch and what all of this includes. Just make sure that we put some CIP money aside for this. “

The crews also checked and repaired mortar joints, seals, painted windows and the clock tower, officials said.

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