Courthouse gets new landscaping | Daily Mountain Eagle

UPDATED: 4:20 pm 7/7/2021 – Updated to add comments from Mike Putman of Jasper Main Street.

The Walker County Courthouse received a landscaping upgrade this week thanks to Jasper Main Street.

Jason Akins, co-owner of Clean & Green Landscaping Inc. in Jasper, between Pineywoods and Curry, worked several days on the west side of the courthouse this week, planting various new plants. He said there were future plans to work more in the courthouse.

“The project was made possible by the Friends of Downtown Jasper and the Main Street Program. No circle funds were used, ”Akins said.

At the end of Tuesday, the crews had worked for two days to green the main course.

“I was very happy that you asked us to do it,” he said.

At the end of the day, several employees came out of the courthouse and congratulated Akins on how good the site looked as a result of the work.

A large number of small plants called Asiatic jasmine have been planted by the landscapers.

“The small shrubs are Carissa holly and the medium-sized shrubs between the trees are Liberty Viburnum. The trees are tree-shaped holly. The pyramidal shrubs along the fence are Oakland holly,” he said.

Nick Wilson and Jacob Frost were spotted working with Akins on the job site on Tuesday. Nich Taylor and Blake Hall also worked on the project, he said.

Mike Putman, Executive Director of Main Street, said on Wednesday afternoon, “Because they’re in the borough, we wanted to beautify the area and this is the first phase of a multi-phase project for the courthouse.”

The landscaping on the west end of the property was now complete as he had private funding to do the work. More landscaping is expected in the future.

Further projects are being carried out around the courthouse. “It’s the heart of downtown Jasper,” Putman said, noting that the area, including the courthouse, will always add trade and people to the local mix.

Walker County Commission Chairman Steve Miller said Wednesday, “The Main Street group will do an excellent job and the county will be very pleased, I am sure. He and Putman confirmed that no circle funds were used.

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