Discovery of Nesting Turtles Slows Down Landscaping at Haverhill’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial

It is not expected to have any impact on the scheduled 9/11 ceremonies, but landscaping at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Haverhill is being temporarily suspended as two turtles were spotted nesting there on Friday.

Ralph T. Basiliere, chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial ad hoc commission, said he was consulting the state Department of Fisheries and Wildlife to determine if the turtles are a protected species.

“I was weeding and planning a large planting when I saw a turtle. I consulted with the animal controller, Michelle (Cannon). I learned that the turtle lays eggs. Then I discovered a second turtle. We tape the area and implement landscape improvements. We will also be given an identification card if the species are endangered, ”he said.

Last week, Basiliere announced that the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Mill Brook Park would be officially inaugurated in September, marking the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

The Inauguration Ceremony Subcommittee is headed by Commissioner Linda Gambino Baxter, whose brother Michael J. Gambino was one of Haverhills 13 who made the ultimate sacrifice during the war. Haverhill City Council Chairwoman Melinda E. Barrett, who will serve as Master of Ceremonies, and Commissioner Patrick Driscoll will also serve on the subcommittee.

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