Drake’s 7 Dees Landscaping and Garden Center Is a Landscape Design and Building Company That Offers Landscape Related Services in Portland, OR

Services provided by Drakes 7 Dees Landscaping and Garden Center in Portland, OR

Portland, OR – Drake’s 7 Dees Landscaping and Garden Center provides landscaping services for clients who either need a complete renovation of their outdoor living space or want to add unique features to their properties. One of these services is the assembly of decks, which is mainly carried out on hillside plots. The company has a team of professionals who can effectively design and construct a high quality deck that looks great with minimal maintenance.

Another important service that the company offers is maintenance of irrigation systems such as maintenance of sprinkler systems. The team helps fine-tune the existing irrigation system and their technical team examines and updates all components of the system to ensure they are working effectively. They also offer a WiFi control upgrade service that allows customers to effectively control their irrigation system from their mobile phone or even their computer. The garden center provides sprinkler system design and installation services for those looking for a brand new irrigation system or needing to replace a deteriorating old system. Their technicians are also good at sprinkler repair and irrigation backflow checking and installation.

The company provides various design services through its landscaping activities in various areas including driveways and fences. These areas can be styled accordingly with plants, grass, flower beds, and other features. Other areas that 7deees specialize in include fire pits and fireplaces, gardens, hot tubs, and outdoor spas. The installation subcontractors and hot tub designers have the right expertise to develop a conducive relaxation area for those seeking solitude.

The company also offers lighting services for outdoor spaces. Your experts always ensure warm and energy-efficient lighting. The company’s landscaping also includes outdoor kitchens, living rooms, patios, pergolas, pools, and ponds. As with the design of other amenities, the company’s team of experts uses quality materials such as environmentally friendly paving stones and carefully installed paving stones that help create a fully integrated outdoor environment.

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Drake’s 7 Dees Landscaping and Garden Center is located at 5645 SW Scholls Ferry Rd, Portland, OR 97225. For general inquiries, please contact the team at (503) 683-8785. Please see their website for more information.

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