Dump truck reportedly stolen from Attleboro landscaping business recovered

ATTLEBORO, Massachusetts (WPRI) ─ An Attleboro landscaping company dump truck that the owner previously claimed was stolen from a construction site on Saturday was found.

North Country Landscaping’s Jon Deshone told 12 News Sunday morning that the dump truck had been picked up from the Bristol Place shopping center on Newport Avenue.

“We mulched over there and the truck was left there to complete the project,” he explained. “It was loaded with supplies … we came to do the job and the truck was obviously not there.”

Deshone called for the truck to be easily returned, adding that “this is not about law enforcement”.

“It’s a little different, if a weed killer or a leaf blower is stolen we can replace it,” he continued. “But a whole dump truck? You can’t replace that immediately. “

12 News reached out to the Attleboro Police Department for more information but has not received any feedback.

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