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RHINEBECK, NY – For Dutchess County Fair visitors who see myriad agricultural activities they can’t try for themselves, there’s the Thomas Odak Horticultural Center where “Try This At Home” is a key theme.

Some of the displays leave the casual gardener looking at them with a little vegetable envy. There is an assortment of perfectly ripened green, orange, and red peppers that Andy Bell, Beacon resident, realizes that there is an entirely different level that could be brought into his garden.

“I start gardening in the spring and then in the summer heat I lose the ambition to go out and pull weeds,” he said, “so I let the garden go. But they wouldn’t look that pretty anyway. “

The idea of ​​growing nutritious foods at home made Poughkeepsie resident Michael Dolan grateful that there are people capable of producing a bountiful harvest.

“I’m glad there are people who can do that,” he said. “It’s just nice to be somewhere … with fresh vegetables.”

There are landscaping exhibits on the lower level of the center where Round Top residents Walter and Tara Becker said how much they want to avoid their waterfalls and pond being an open market for owls and hawks who like koi or other fish .

“We have them around us and I really don’t want to share my Koi with the animal world,” said Tara Becker.

Stan Davies, who lives in Syracuse, also studied the landscaping subjects. He compared the displays to the presentations at the New York State Fair, which tried to be more corporate and larger than the one in Rhinebeck. He pointed to an exhibition of black-eyed Susans in buckets surrounding a motorcycle in front of an American flag as an example of the local firm She Sheds by Ed’s imagination that feels authentic.

“It seems like you can do this yourself, but it also says that the landscaper has a good sense of their craft,” he said.

Other sources of food go further down the food chain, with indoor competitions featuring a wide variety of flower arrangements providing food for hummingbirds and bumblebees. Included was a table full of blossoms for which Adams Fairacre Farms sought visitor input to choose a favorite. For the voters, that had little to do with food, but more to do with fashion.

“I think my favorite would be the Million Bells Superbells Twilight,” said LeeAnne Andrew of Fishkill. “You’re a little more noticeable.”

  • Andy Bell, of Beacon, and Michael Dolan, of Poughkeepsie, look over an exhibit of peppers at the Dutchess County Fair in Rhinebeck, NY PHOTO BY WILLIAM J. KEMBLE

  • Walter and Tara Becker of Round Top look at a backyard waterfall in the Thomas Odak Horticultural Center at the Dutchess County Fair in Rhinebeck, NY PHOTO BY WILLIAM J. KEMBLE

  • One of the landscape displays in the Thomas Odak Horticultural Center at the Dutchess County Fair in Rhinebeck, NY PHOTO BY WILLIAM J. KEMBLE

  • A sign in the Thomas Odak Horticultural Center on the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck, NY provides some background information about carrots. PHOTOGRAPH BY WILLIAM J. KEMBLE

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