EPS Landscaping Is Providing Tree Care Services In Pembroke Pines

EPS Landscaping provides lawn maintenance, landscaping, tree pruning, tree installation, tree removal, irrigation, pest / weed control, and other tree services in the Pembroke Pines and other areas in Broward County, South Florida.

South Florida is blessed with a tropical climate that allows many different types of vegetation to grow and thrive. Homeowners can take advantage of the landscape’s unique flora to create enchanting views that will appeal to every possible style and taste. While the rewards are well worth it, one may hesitate in investing the time and effort it takes to achieve that flawless vision for the landscape that may have long weighed them. The solution to this problem is to entrust the heavy lifting to a professional tree services company like EPS Landscaping, which offers all kinds of services from tree installation, tree relocation, tree pruning, tree removal, stump grinder and emergency tree removal.

Installing a tree is not an easy one-step task. It is a complex process that not only requires skill and knowledge, but also a lot of experience. There must be enough space around the tree to accommodate its future growth. The chosen location should not be near the house or under power lines. The soil must be examined for its quality and, if necessary, an irrigation solution must be created. Fixing the water shortage problem, if it goes too far, can lead to another problem. The roots can drown if there is insufficient drainage. The tree may also need some support in the first year. All of the above issues can be identified by an expert who has dealt with similar situations in the past and that is precisely why a professional tree service like EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC is recommended for homeowners who want to decorate their property with vegetation.

Moving a tree is another difficult task that should be entrusted to those devoted to solving such problems. When moving a tree, there is a great risk that its roots will be damaged. It requires special tools and heavy machinery for large trees to get the job done quickly and efficiently. A tree service company will also advise the homeowner of the best time of year to relocate trees, as this varies depending on the tree species.

Once a tree has been planted or moved, the owner of a residential or commercial property can prune and prune the trees to suit aesthetics or other safety concerns. Pruning trees to give the trees a specific shape is a common practice. Trees can even be pruned to create recessed areas perfect for installing benches or gardens. Trees may also need to be pruned to get rid of dead branches that can be a safety hazard to residents of the property. Palms are an especially important candidate for the service because dead fronds can be a fire hazard.

An arborist can also use their expertise to have the final say on whether a tree is safe enough to be kept on the property. If a tree becomes infected and the damage spreads beyond a few branches, it may be important to safely get rid of the tree before falling branches injure homeowners. Some homeowners may also choose to have trees removed that block their view, provide too much shade, or make the property look unkempt and cluttered. Felling trees is a risky process that should only be attempted by experts with the right knowledge and equipment.

The company can be reached by calling (954) 980-9003 or using a contact form on their website. Via the media page at https://www.pressadvantage.com/i_organization/eps-landscaping-tree-service, readers can follow all the latest news from EPS Landscaping, announcements of new services and important information.


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