EPS Landscaping Offers Palm Tree Service In Southwest Ranches, Florida

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service, based in Pembroke Pines, Florida, is reaching out to the community to share information about their palming services.

“Overall, Florida is an excellent environment for palm trees,” says Greg O’Connell, an EPS Landscaping & Tree Service representative. Keeping your palm in good condition can be a challenge. “He explains that trimming a palm is important to shape when the foliage becomes overgrown.

He continues, “If these overgrown foliage is not controlled, it can become a fire hazard, especially its dead fronds. These are more than an eyesore, although you need to be careful when removing them. There is a reasonable time of year to prune palm trees as you will likely want to make the most of the shade provided by the foliage in the hotter seasons. “

The tree specialists explain that other precautionary measures must be observed when pruning a palm in order to avoid damage to the palm. It is important not to prune more than necessary in order for the tree to grow back within a healthy period of time. To protect the tree, as many healthy fronds as possible must also be left. This also serves to protect the property from the weather, because palm trees are more than simple ornamental trees.

Only a skilled arborist has the experience necessary to determine the optimal protocol for pruning palm trees. Companies like EPS Landscaping & Tree Service offer this service to the community so that they can rely on their experienced teams for the care and maintenance of all palm trees. With several years in the industry and a great reputation behind them, the local tree care specialists are one of the top options available to the Southwest Ranches community.

O’Connell explains, “We ensure that your property is protected from the dangers that overgrown palm trees can pose while taking all the necessary precautions to ensure that your palm tree will grow healthily afterward. We are certified, licensed and insured so you can rest assured that the project is being carried out by professionals who know what they are doing. “

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service offers free appraisals and advice to complement their services. They try to help and guide their customers with an uncompromising overview of the tree service they need. This information is also available for your other services.

The tree care specialists at Southwest Ranches have received multiple customer reviews attesting to the excellence of their services. They are also rated as one of the top landscaping companies in the region on the Google platform. One of the most recent comments on this room, written by Jake Glaser, says, “EPS came over and ‘refreshed’ our landscaping. They were quick and efficient! The pictures that were sent earlier really got the excitement as I could see what it would look like! “

Another comment from Vanessa A. states: “Jessica was the best one could do business with! Called her at the last minute to do some landscaping and her team did a great job! Everything looked great and I love how efficient they were. Wouldn’t work with anyone else. I look forward to working with EPS Landscaping on all of my landscaping needs. “

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service offers a variety of services including landscaping, tree maintenance, lawn maintenance and irrigation. Installations, removals, maintenance, circumcision, emergency and stump removal are also available upon request, making it a preferred option for most local residents. Their service area includes Southwest Ranches, Coral Springs, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, and Pompano Beach.

Visit the company’s website for more information about the EPS Landscaping & Tree Service. Interested parties can contact Greg O’Connell for additional inquiries. Those looking for a palm service in Southwest Ranches can also fill out the form on their website to schedule a visit.


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