Evanston Chamber Of Commerce: Water Cooler Chat: Nature’s Perspective Landscaping


The Evanston Chamber’s “Water Cooler” video chat series is a way to connect with members and the business community. As the program evolves, we will work to regularly share stories about more companies in Evanston.

Listen to our Water Cooler chat video series where we stepped off our Zoom platform and into the business to tell their stories and share their successes. We were honored to start with Paul and Ben Klitzkie from Nature’s Perspective Landscaping. Your story is pretty impressive!

Nature’s Perspective Landscaping is a family business based in Evanston. You are a long-standing company that has been growing steadily for 42 years and is treated as an extended family with 65 employees. We are grateful that they are part of our business world. They look after over 540 families a week on the North Shore and 250 are here in Evanston. The company started in the basement of Barbara Schwarz, a specialist in plants in the Botanical Garden, and her husband Tom Klitzkie, who worked on the grounds of the Bahai Temple in Wilmette.

They started from humble beginnings and are now one of the largest companies in Evanston. Needless to say, with their generous support they are community leaders and they always pay up front. Barb and Tom are still involved in everyday life, but their sons Paul and Ben have found passion to continue running the family business. It’s a relationship building business and they pride themselves on providing the best in customer service and serving multiple generations.

They evolved from basic maintenance in the 1980s when they hired Ray Diaz to branch out the construction arm of the company and Jose Sanchez to help Tom set up the maintenance programs. He’s still happy with the company. They hired their first designer in 1991 and the rest is history with their natural organic growth. Nature’s Perspective Landscaping really is an example of how to work hard and focus on the details to make the dreams of your life come true.

As a chamber member, you will continue to help our business world. Tom is a member of the city’s environmental committee and is committed to positive change. With the proposed Noise Ordinance, they have invested in electric blowers and propane options, but they also expect the city to make the right choices that will impact the other 59 landscaping companies that serve the city.

We also wanted to share some of their award winning designs with the link to their website below. Who is ready for landscaping now?

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