Even Four Seasons Total Landscaping Dunked On Rudy Giuliani

It may feel like it was years ago when Rudy Giuliani gave a hastily planned speech next to a sex shop outside of Philadelphia claiming without evidence that various electoral conspiracy theories stole Donald Trump’s presidency. The time is so fun, but it’s been little more than six months since Giuliani, as his personal advocate for Trump, hosted a long series of embarrassing public demonstrations.

All of that is over now, because on Thursday his lawyer license was officially revoked for all the “Big Lie” gimmicks. The news that Giuliani was no longer admitted to the bar was a lot of fun. But the company that saw its possibly biggest disaster in the first place surely had a lot of fun doing a Photoshop to the news on Thursday.

The Twitter account of Four Seasons Total Landscaping, the company where Giuliani held court and sparked a viral explosion of jokes, posted a picture of Giuliani’s face taped on someone driving a lawnmower and dropped a landscaping joke.

The Make America Rake Again is a nice touch too. But most of all, it is a reminder of how absurd Giuliani’s laundry list was of allegations and wild public appearances in such a short amount of time. America’s Mayor switched from a respected political official to Trump’s coronavirus-infested mouthpiece and Four Seasons landscaping saga – where he almost certainly held an impromptu press conference outside a lawn care company’s garage for promising a press secretary a ‘Four Seasons’ in Philly – was certainly one of the most notable incidents. But, contrary to all the obvious evidence of a master crime committed on behalf of Joe Biden, Giuliani actually did what he announced, at least in November.

You know, kind of.

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