Everett Ranch Landscaping Building Driveways, Landscapes & Lives

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Blessed to give others a second chance

At Everett Ranch in Palmer, they do more than just create beautiful landscapes.

Rich Everett and his wife Vicki help others build lives, especially military veterans and people recovering from drug rehab treatment.

Why are you doing this? There are a variety of reasons, but Rich said the main reason is simply, “I would say it’s exactly what we’re supposed to do. I love it, ”he said. “It’s great to watch them expand and learn something new. Most of them are city people so they really learn a lot.

“We convert everything. From broken branches due to a storm to destroyed plants due to a frost. If it is edible for the goats and donkeys to compost, we will use it. “

Rich and Vicki have lifelong respect for those who served the country in the military. Together their families have served in all branches.

“They’re all breaking into each other. Branch to branch. But they all hold together, ”said Rich.
“The attitude of our military veterinarians requires understanding and respect. You saw things. You did things. Damn it, they signed their name on the line to give everything they have so we can have what we have.

“An honor to work with those who have served”

“The problem is sometimes that when they get home they have trouble adjusting. They feel like nobody is hearing them, nobody is listening and we don’t care about them or their struggles. These men and women need the freedom for which they fought and served. “

And that’s where Rich and Vicki and Everett Ranch come in. They help bid veterans in trouble.

“Working with these men and women is an honor. I wouldn’t know much if my grandfathers hadn’t taught me, ”said Rich.

Help for those out of rehab began when their own son went to an institution, Rich said.

“When he finished, I thought he was coming home, but then he went to a clean living facility where they can work and drive and so on,” he said. “They are often unemployed and cannot find work to meet their tight schedule of visits to the doctor, psychiatrists and group meetings. So I started giving them a chance and it was a tremendous blessing for me. “

From northwest to southwest

The Everett’s Texas adventure began in 2007 as they crossed the country via Illinois. However, they have been together since high school.

“No more south side for us. No more lumps, ”he said.

Two years later, they started their ranch with the hopes and dreams of having a family ranch and business. But on July 14, 2011, they lost everything they had acquired in a house fire.

“I remember it like it was yesterday. God pulled us through there. We lived temporarily in an RV on our land until our house was rebuilt, ”said Rich.

“Our adventure called life continued. A wonderful elderly couple taught us the inside and outside of the dairy goat business. Excavations and landscapes were my work. “

Tractor on gravel drivewayPhoto by Rich Everett

The company is dedicated to Rich’s grandfather.

“He has achieved a lot. So have many others in our family, ”he said.

“The learning moments in my life have been shaped most of all by the men and women who came before me. I remember one day hearing Grandpa say, ‘You don’t pretend we’re Everetts. It stayed with me. “

They also hire employees. So if you want to work out in the dirt, have fun, and help others, call Rich at 972-825-1304.

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