Evitts Run Park receives landscaping upgrades | Journal-news

CHARLES TOWN – On a cloudy, cool morning in late May, three R & L Landscape Company employees arrived at Evitts Run Park in Charles Town to begin renovating the neglected gardens.

The park was extensively landscaped seven years ago by three local gardening clubs: Dolley Madison, Windflower, and Shenandoah. The clubs had maintained the gardens regularly until the outbreak of the pandemic.

Without constant vigilance, the weeds won the annual summer war. The gardens were completely overgrown and the resulting jungle could no longer be tamed for the club members. The R & L Landscape Company was signed and by afternoon the gardens were on their way to restoring their original beauty.

The park is landscaped with native trees, shrubs, and perennials from West Virginia. Many perennials didn’t make it last year. However, some new native plants have been purchased through the Monarch Alliance and will be planted shortly.

A truck with good mulch will be provided by the City of Charles Town, and members of the three gardening clubs will appear with shovels and pitchforks to dump and distribute the mulch. The restoration will be completed soon.

Evitts Run Park is a two-acre Charles Town Parks & Rec Park on West Washington Street. It includes a basketball court, playground equipment, and picnic tables. The park is divided by a fast cold water stream, the Evitts Run.

About seven years ago, the park was selected by the city’s mayor and Shenandoah Potomac district director for a Shenandoah Garden Club beautification project. It was a gift from the clubs to the residents of Charles Town. The municipal maintenance department provides mulch and keeps the plants regularly watered.

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