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CLEVELAND, August 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Landscaping Services says U.S. landscaping service revenue in nominal dollars is set to grow 5.2% annually through 2025: United States, a recent report published by Freedonia Focus Reports. Landscaping companies will benefit from the growth in consumer and business income as the economy expands, and from the convenience and quality offered to property owners by providing landscaping services. Revenue continued to surge during the pandemic, but landscaping providers are expected to grow 5.7% in 2021 as business spending rebounds. Faster growth is hampered by the cost of landscaping services compared to other options, the prevalence of minimally landscaped areas, the do-it-yourself (DIY) recruitment of homeowners, and the in-house workforce at large corporations. In addition, renting equipment from hardware stores enables households and businesses to perform landscaping work, including building new landscapes. In addition, while still relatively rare, the use of robotic lawnmowers will prevent faster profits as more companies offer better robots and usage increases.

The provider sales for the larger service segment – commercial landscaping – will probably benefit from the increasing construction activity in commercial building construction, which will increase the space requirement for services. Revenue from services in the area of ​​residential and landscaping is expected to increase by 5.6% annually through 2025, outperforming the growth in the commercial landscaping segment. The number of new home completions is expected to increase by less than 1.0% per year through 2025, which will increase the potential size of the housing market. Existing home sales are expected to grow nearly 1.0% annually through 2025, which helps revenue as landscaping projects often come before or after a home sale. In addition, the continued preference for outdoor living will continue to increase revenues.

You can find these and other important findings in Landscaping Services: United States. This report forecasts US landscaping service revenue in 2021 and 2025 in nominal US dollars. Total sales are broken down by services in terms of:

  • commercial landscaping
  • Living room landscape
  • other services such as landscaping, snow removal and landscape architecture services

Total sales are also segmented by market as follows:

  • household
  • Companies
  • Government and nonprofit

To illustrate historical trends, aggregate demand and the various segments are provided in annual series from 2010 to 2020.

This report presents the income of employing and non-employing companies that are mainly engaged in the rental of landscaping services (ie services that are outsourced). With exception of:

  • Services provided by members of a household for the members’ personal residence or for small payments on behalf of neighbors
  • Services provided by the internal staff of an organization or company
  • the income of firms that primarily provide landscape architecture and design services, although all such services provided by firms primarily engaged in landscaping are included
  • the sales of companies that mainly focus on artificial turf or hardscape installation services

This report contains the results of a proprietary online national consumer survey of adults in the United States (18 years and older). This National Survey by Freedonia Focus Reports has a sample size of approximately 2,000 that has been checked for response quality and is representative of the U.S. population for demographics of age, gender, geographic region, race / ethnicity, household income, and the presence / absence of Children in the household.

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