‘Exploring Stone Walls:’ Weir Farm in Wilton, Ridgefield offering

February 3, 2021 Updated: February 3, 2021 at 1:27 p.m.

Weir Farm is on the border between Wilton and Ridgefield. Part of the farm is pictured during an earlier winter snow storm. On Friday, February 5th, at 11 a.m., there will be a live virtual tour of the farm with the National Park Service Park Ranger on the farm Tom Barberi via the farm’s Facebook page: https: //www.facebook. com / WeirFarmNPS / posts / 3563727700341620

Weir Farm / post photo

Weir Farm, on the Wilton-Ridgefield border, is conducting a live virtual tour with the National Park Service Park Ranger at Tom Barberi Farm on Friday, February 5th at 11 a.m. via the farm’s Facebook page:

Spectators taking the tour will learn about the farm’s famous stone walls and can take a stroll through the farm’s fields with Barberi to examine the farm’s three different types of stone walls. Viewers can also learn about their rich history.

A video of the tour will also be uploaded to the parking service website at www.nps.gov/wefa
, after it premieres on the Facebook page. It will also be accessible on the site in case people miss it.

“The stone walls not only provide an opportunity to explore New England’s geological and cultural past, but they have also inspired the artists who have lived and visited Weir Farm for over 135 years,” said the National Park Service, US staff – Home Office said in a statement.

“Make sure you tune in to learn more about stone walls and enjoy a virtual tour with Ranger Tom,” the staff said.

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