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Staging the interior of a home before it is sold has become a common practice in the real estate industry. But what about the outside? Since the exterior of a home is often the first thing buyers see, it also makes sense to stage the exterior if the landscaping looks below average.

Schmechtig Landscapes in Mundelein, Illinois, has been offering outdoor landscaping since 2010 and, according to company boss Michael Schmechtig, is still a desirable service. Since the landscape elements of a house can influence or destroy the first impression, staging solutions can be a decisive component of a possible real estate sale, says Schmechtig, and even have a significant influence on the sales price.

What is important in the staging?

According to Schmechtig, every project is unique and what this service means for one customer may be completely different for the other. In many cases, however, the staging can include mulching and adding some flowers – either in landscaped beds or in pots. However, it could take a more elaborate effort, including adding some furniture and accessories like brightly colored throw pillows to brighten up a porch.

“Dealers are usually looking for quick solutions that are well received without spending a lot of money,” explains Schmechtig. “We’re definitely looking for elements that add a pop of color and a wow factor.”

Since the performances can be very different, there is no fixed price for the staging. But Schmechtig says it can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on how much is done. Because these type of projects easily convert to selling your home for more money, many sellers are eager to get them done and are willing to invest the money knowing there is a good ROI.

Schmechtig says he works with local realtors and interior designers to find clients who might need his services.

One of the biggest challenges is that sometimes you need to be able to act quickly. There is not always much time to prepare in this volatile market. But Schmechtig says they learned how to put a look together quickly – and easily help sellers get more money for their home.

Some additional bonuses

One of the nice perks of this landscaping service is the fact that the new buyers often hire Schmechtig’s company to do the day-to-day landscaping.

“Of course, if you are happy with the way the property looks when you buy the house, it will be converted into a new business,” he adds.

The staging of houses for sale has also led to an additional service offering – staging of houses for parties and events, says Schmechtig. As more people host backyard weddings or more intimidating gatherings, there is an increased need to make sure the property looks at its best.

“This may include some of the same services that we would perform for a sale, such as a fresh layer of mulch and placing potted flowers around the property,” says Schmechtig. “Here, too, we can adapt our services to the needs of the customer.”

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