Fairfield landscaping company donates back to the community recovering from pandemic

News 12 employees

07/13/2021, 6:03 pm

Updated on: 07/13/2021, 6:03 pm

A Fairfield-based landscaping company donates a percentage of its profits to the community.

Barrett Bollinger of Bollinger Landscaping says business is booming.

Bollinger says he is giving 5% of the sales back to a local organization of his customers.

“Everything was shut down during the pandemic. Everyone was in trouble and many charities were shut down too,” says Bollinger.

One of Bollinger’s first customers to take part in the donation process was the D’Elia family.

In January the whole family contracted COVID-19.

Alexandra and her three children were fine, but her husband Massimo had a long road to recovery from having blood clots in the lungs, high fever, and low oxygen levels.

The retired Connecticut State Police officer who turned Easton Police Officer is now out of the hospital and doing well.

The D’Elia family say they made a decision to donate to Saint Vincent’s Medical Center, where Massimo was treated.

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