FallsGarden.com Releases White Paper On Environmentally Friendly Landscaping

FallsGarden.com provides guides, information and guidance on maintaining and maintaining an environmentally friendly garden and garden.

FallsGarden.com, a gardening website based on environmental sustainability and organic horticultural practices, is pleased to publish a new white paper introducing homeowners to the benefits of environmentally friendly landscaping practices.

Increased urbanization and land development practices have led to the disappearance of native plant species and their pollinators. Chemical runoff from human settlements, such as fertilizers and pesticides, has entered bodies of water, causing algal blooms and subsequent fish deaths in large numbers.

The white paper “The many benefits of environmentally conscious landscaping“Makes a strong case for environmentally friendly landscaping and introduces new concepts such as Rain Gardens to the public.

“With water management techniques such as rainwater collection and rain gardens, we can significantly reduce pollutants in waterways. However, ideas like water gardens remain uncharted territory for many. Not only does the paper thoroughly teach these concepts, it also provides user-friendly ways to implement them, ”said Anubha Gupta, founder of FallsGarden.com.

“The paper provides accurate data and resources that make it incredibly easy to find native plant species in a geographic location. These techniques can also save money in the form of lower fertilizer, pesticide and water costs, ”said Sumit Gupta, an avid gardener and team member at FallsGarden.com.

“With FallsGarden.com we plan to take the lost idea from. reintroduce Environment first. We will continue to publish environmental papers in the future, ”said Anubha Gupta.

To read the paper, visit https://www.fallsgarden.com/environmentally-smart-landscaping/.

If you are a homeowner or an avid gardener, be sure to visit the website online at https://www.fallsgarden.com or connect with FallsGarden on Pinterest at https://pinterest.com/fallsgardencom/.

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