Fannin County Commissioners Court discusses county landscaping services

Fannin County, Texas – All five members of the Fannin County Commissioners Court attended a regular session on Tuesday, May 18, 2021. The session opened with an invocation to Mark Posey, pastor of the Congregational Methodist Church, and promises were presided over by Major James Manis (ret.).


In the public forum, Newt Cunningham commended Judge Randy Moore of Fannin County for his efforts to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on Fannin County.

“He did the right thing at the right time,” remarked Mr. Cunningham.


Commissioners extended the Fannin County’s Disaster Statement Statement for Covid-19 for a week, as well as the Covid-19 Response and Continuity Plan for Fannin County.

As of Monday afternoon, May 17, 2021, a total of 3,478 cases of the novel coronavirus and 108 deaths related to COVID-19 had been reported to the Fannin district. The county currently has three active cases and one of the active cases is in a local state prison.

The hospitalization rate for Trauma Service Area E is 2.98%.

The CDC has eased the need for vaccinated people to wear masks, but Judge Moore urged residents to respect companies who may need masks.


A quick update on the ongoing restoration of Fannin County’s courthouse in 1888 included:

?? Install Stone Capitols on the building corners

?? Install stone window sills on the 2nd level.

?? Install steel stringers for external cast iron stairs.

?? Complete the plywood on the entrance gable arches.

?? Install the sprinkler system on the 1st level and the riser on the stairs

?? Elevator installation? Frames, controls and doors.

?? Electrical wall and ceiling rough on 3rd level.

?? Plaster finish on the 1st stage and preparation on the 2nd stage.

?? Pipelines in the attic.

?? Low voltage control in the basement.


Scott Ridling, Bonham Fire Chief, presented the income statement for EMS Services in April 2021. Chief Ridling reported 303 calls in April transporting 256 people. Ridling said his department operates four ambulances and the one in Leonard is busy.

“It’s EMS week,” said Judge Moore. “Thank you for your service and please tell your boys that.”


The commissioners approved the protocol of 05/11/2021 (S) road closure and 05/11/2021 (S) road closure and lake zoning.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court voted to set the speed limit at 30 mph for CR 2610 in Districts 3 and 4.


The commissioners approved a short plat on CR 1450 in Bonham which divided 5,969 acres into three lots. 1 acre, 2.52 acre, 2 acre plus 0.448 acre right of way dedication.


The commissioners approved a one-time settlement of 1,166 acres from a 2.73 acre FM 824 area in Honey Grove.


Commissioners approved the purchase of a 1996 Caterpillar 950F loader for Precinct 1 from NTEC of Denison for a final purchase price of $ 23,000 after a trade-in value of $ 10,000 for a 1989 John Deere 544E loader.


The commissioners discussed the hiring of a company responsible for landscaping the county. Eight companies have submitted offers. The lowest bid was an annual fee of $ 9,230 submitted by A1 Texas Lawn Care of Bailey, Texas.

The commissioners have tabled the item on the agenda see you next week so that a district representative and A1 Lawn Care can discuss the scope of work required.


The funds raised by the Justice of the Peace Office, District 2, for April 2021 were $ 1,265.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court discussed a one-year contract extension to JBI under the Title IV-E Legal Program, but put the agenda item to investigate the possibility of promoting more competitive offers.


The commissioners approved the payment of bills.


Pct, to, to, to be, to, to be, 1 Commissioner Edwina Lane and Pct. 2 Commissioner AJ Self said both had recently flooded roads and kept their crews doing repairs when the weather permits.

Pct, To, To, To, To, To be, 3 Commissioner Jerry Magness appealed to the public to stop stealing traffic signs. This can be dangerous when emergency responders and law enforcement officers are responding to emergencies.

Pct, um, um, um, um, um, zu be, Commissioner Dean Lackey warned that a lot of traffic on the new FM 897 bridge is focused on the rising water level in Lake Bois d’Arc and then makes U-turn. He also warned residents not to ignore posted signs and trespassing to take selfies by the water.

Fannin County’s Judge Randy Moore said it was a unified approach that will help contain the dangerous spread of COVID-19.

“That got the whole thing going,” said Judge Moore.

The district judge said he enjoyed participating in a Getting Ahead program that helps disadvantaged people break the cycle of poverty.

Moore expects more members to join the Lake Ralph Hall Zoning Commission next week.

Moore also noted he attended the Bonham Chamber of Commerce celebration to pay tribute to Emily Porter’s longstanding service in supporting the local tourism industry.

“We’d like to call her and say ‘thank you’,” remarked Moore.

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