Florida Friendly Landscaping must follow rules in The Villages

Did you know that The Villages law enforcement officers have a groundbreaking duty?

Some units state the property needs to be soaked, others have a 51 percent provision, and others state that all residential areas should remain with the same amount and type of water conservative, drought tolerant lawn and landscape as originally provided by the developer.

There are lawns that are not soaked and have Florida Friendly Landscaping installed instead. Florida State Statute 373.185 states: No deed restriction or contract may be forbidden or enforced to prohibit an owner from implementing Florida Friendly Landscaping on their land. However, this does not mean that lawns can be replaced with stones, decorative stones, pine straw, mulch, pine bark or similar non-vegetable material.

While Florida Friendly Landscaping cannot be banned, there are certain guidelines for installing it. For any inquiries looking to replace grass with Florida Friendly Plantings, these plantings are a “ground cover” that provides full ground cover to get a “lawn appearance” that matches the community aesthetic. Land cover must grow rapidly, be proportionate to the area, and be a mature height of a foot or less. Full land cover must be achieved eight months after the architecture review application has expired. It is intended to give the plants enough time to reach mature expansion.

If you have any questions about landscaping or other external changes to your home at The Villages, you can contact the Community Standards Department at 751-3912.

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