Following brush fire, Spokane plans landscaping, safety improvements near Intermodal Center

The city of Spokane plans to make changes to the landscaping earlier this year following a bushfire near the Spokane Intermodal Center.

The city expects to remove the railway sleepers along Sprague Avenue, as well as the nearby bushes and boulders “behind which people can hide,” said city facilities director Jeff Teal on Monday before the city council’s finance and administration committee .

The concrete retaining wall on the west side of Browne Street is being demolished while a new retaining wall is being built next to the railroad bridge.

Most of the surrounding landscape will be cleared and reforested, but the existing trees will be protected. The plan is to install 70 new, lower-growing shrubs and surround them with basalt cobblestones.

The cost of the project is expected to be $ 76,500. The city council is expected to vote on the contract with Wall and Company, LLC in the coming weeks. Last month, the council approved a special budget regulation to use $ 410,067 of funds from the Normandy complex sale on projects like the one near the Intermodal Center.

The upcoming project does not include security fences, which was one of the recommendations in a 2019 property security audit conducted by Spokane Police.

In April, firefighters were forced to quickly put out a fire that broke out in the bushes on the corner of Browne Street and Sprague Avenue, the KHQ reported.

In June, a man was beaten to death near the Intermodal Center.

“This has been a challenging location for a while, so we’re happy that something is going on down there,” said Councilor Betsy Wilkerson.

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